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Fundraising Donations


The Rescue Groups listed below have all received fundraising donations from the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation. YOU can assist us in supporting organizations like the ones showcased in this page by donating. Please click on the logos below to read their stories.

:   NTCR is a volunteer run, non-profit, registered Charity concerned with the welfare of cats.  The way they facilitate their mandate is pretty interesting.

Based out of Mississauga, Ontario, their focus is rescuing dogs from the state of Georgia, U.S. of A.

Their mission is to bring community cat populations in The Maritimes, into balance through trap-neuter-return (TNR) programs and to improve the lives of feral cats.

B.O.B.is a Toronto based assistance agency for aging beagles experiencing  troubled times.
They are working what they call “ The Korean Project”.  Read their take on importing dogs from overseas.
Brachycephalic dogs- read this article before purchasing one, or better yet, adopt one, there’s lots out there.
A non-profit organization of volunteers dedicated to placing homeless boxers in loving homes.
Rescue Dogs Match is one of those 100% volunteer run organizations that gets no funding, and survives solely on kind people that donate directly to their organization, plus their fundraising events.  Check out the work they do by viewing their  success stories, and the role that publicity & media  can do for non for profit groups.
I met Suzi, at an all-breed rescue event I was attending years ago. Of course I gravitated to her when I saw her focus was on the Cherry’s breed of dog, of choice, the English Bull Terrier.
Check out a rescue group that has one of the most extensive adoption applications out there.  Kudos to them!  Dogs should be like bathing suits, they are non-refundable.  But yet, I am sure if someone did need a refund, they would take the dog back into their care.


This organization was ground zero for me, President of Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, in taking notice of this special world of dog rescue. 


WIN! This word could have a lot of interpretations, but at Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation it has a very specific meaning in regards to dog rescue.
They aren’t called Tiny Paws for nothing.  This organization specializes in finding homes for smaller dogs.


If you want options on how you want your money spent within an organization, K9-Aid, has lots of programs to suit your desires.  From assisting Monks in Thailand to care for their dogs, Food-Aid, their SNIP Sterilization Program, to becoming a K9-Angel, or join their Old Dogs Rock Club., you’ll find your niche, and be a hero!
Black Dog Rescue, rescues dogs are left to fend for themselves against harsh weather, lack of food and shelter; attacks from wild animals are also a constant threat for these dogs.
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