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Georgina Feral Cat Committee

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Born from ferals, and evolve into wonderful household pets. A true success story.

This group works with the community to address the issue of neighbourhood cats in the Town of Georgina, Ontario. Feral cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and “tipped” to identify them as already being spayed or neutered. They are then returned to their colony where they are cared for by a colony “manager”. Those that are found suitable are placed in their adoption program. Nuisance behaviour in the neighbourhood is minimized, cats are fed, sheltered and healthy, and the colony shrinks and dies out over time.


This practice of TNR (trap,neuter,release) has been around the for years and is proven to stop the breeding cycle of cats and therefore improves their lives while preventing reproduction. Simply removing the cats and killing them leaves a void. They will ultimately be replaced with more feral cats.


We were very honored to assist them in their never-ending fundraising events. For as you can imagine all this good will not only takes many many volunteers’ time, but of course money.


If you’d like to directly assist them please click here>>

You would call this a successful TNR haul.   Do the math on how potential ferals were not born. Great work!

Volunteers receiving the Town of Georgina Merit Award.