A Word From Cindy Cherry – President

Cindy with dog Dudgeon

Lucy, The Rescue Dog. If not for her, there would be no Foundation.

Don and Cindy Cherry with Ginger

My 1st puppy, a miniature poodle named Ginger

“My Inspiration”


You are looking at the dog that is my inspiration in establishing The Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation. I will tell you Lucy’s story, not mine.


Her so-called “owners” went to jail and left her for dead in their apartment. If the superintendent hadn’t heard her desperate barks for help, she would have died. With her voice hoarse from barking and near starvation, she is taken to the nearest Pound. There she lingers for years, until she’s deemed not adoptable, for she is too old and part Pit-Bull.


She is then put on the PTS (put tosleep) list. Her caregivers just can’t bear it and call a Pit-Bull Rescue Group called Ador-A-Bull. It is from there she comes into my life and I get educated into the world of animal rescue. I soon realize that helping each individual animal in need, will not work for me, I have to look at the bigger picture. I figure it is best to assist the hundreds of organizations that can only survive by having people like you and my Dad believe in their work.


Lucy is gone now, but she will forever live in my heart. She is my driving force and strength in making Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation a success at eliminating the pain and suffering of unwanted pets throughout Canada. By you taking the time to read Lucy’s story, tells me you are only one click away from helping us make that difference a reality.


Please help us, save all the Lucy’s in the world.

Cindy Cherry Signature