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At Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue we are constantly working hard to provide assistance to non-profit organizations and qualified donees. Below are some videos we think you will enjoy. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue YouTube Channel.

Don explains why he supported Bill C-246.

Spoiled your dog & now having a baby? Now what are you going to do?

The “ethical” chewy for your dog.

Don Cherry tries to convince Rick Mercer that he really is a card carrying Fabric Land frequent shopper. This clip has close to ½ a million views and since you like Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation’s Facebook, lets add to those numbers.

Cindy goes on TSC in 2018 to raise funds, then guess what happens in 2019 to change all that? 

Don’s PSA for the OSPCA’s National campaign of No Hot Pets


Cindy Cherry’s Interview with Westies In Need


What happens when in 1992 Scott Thompson meets Don Cherry for the first time &  talks about his love for violence in hockey, plus European hockey players & Europeans in the Gay community? It’s classic television.  

Cindy Cherry’s Interview with Karen show grooming VS pet grooming


Don shares some of his thoughts on taking care of pets, some background of his Foundation, and of course, tells some of his favorite Blue stories.

Cindy’s Interview with Nicole from Redemtion Dogs


Don supports not only charities for animals, but check out his support for A.L.S. also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease or Amyotrophic Lateral Schlerosis.

Cindy Cherry’s Interview with Mark at Little Res-Q


Only Don could bring up the dog food Alpo, when being interviewed by a Finnish female reporter asking about hockey. 

Cindy’s interview with Laura Fyfe the Founder of Boxer Rescue Ontario

It’s a wonder Bryan Williams & Don are still talking on their syndicated radio show that has lasted over 25 years, since their huge disagreement over “The Punch Out at Piestany.

Cindy Cherry’s Interview with Erica about Guinea Pig Care


Don shows long before he formed his own Foundation regarding animal welfare, he was asking you to pitch in to the Hamilton SPCA, check out this video from 2011 with the real Blue.

Cindy Cherry Interview with The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

What commercial did Don do, that caused the most controversy in so many different ways? Check out this classic.

Check out the video of Cindy’s talk at the 2016 Canadian Pet Expo Stage on Pet Ownership

Cindy’s Interview with Chinchilla Rescue

Check out Don’s Ford 150 commercial with a rare appearance by Don’s agent and biggest critic.

Cindy’s interview with Suzie from Bullies Without Borders.

Did Don Cherry dream at one time that the Russians won the Stanley Cup in 1994?  

Meet Brian Archer

Don Cherry contemplates coaching in Sweden in 1994?

Meet Joan Zniderac the rescuer of Cupid

Cupid’s Rescue Part 2

Cupid’s Rescue Part 3

Cindy interviews Karen Russel

Sydney: “A Survivor’s Story”

Don explains why he supported Bill C-246

Don & Cindy Cherry at the 2017 Spring Canadian Pet Expo

Cindy Cherry explains why Bill C-246 was so important to the Modernization of Animal Cruelty Laws.

How and why Don started this Foundation


National Service Dogs – Canada is leading the world in this field.

What does dreadlocks and “organized matts” have to do with poodles?

Lets talk about Ethical  Parrot Owners- can you please pick out a better shot of me and Mark to use on this page


Another, Breed Specific Rescue, with Rosie, the rescue,  showing up at the booth. 

Specific purebred rescue groups, all breeds have them. 

Ontario Ferret Rescue attends the Canadian Pet Expo

Dog Meat Trade – Farming vs Street Dogs – is there a better alternative?

Canadian Pet Expo-a true friend of this Foundation.

Meet Willa and learn her story how Coveted Canines saved her. 

Dedicated to improving the lives of GP’s, through advocacy & promoting awareness of their needs. 

Cindy asks the inside questions on Police Dog Services.

After the Track- The answer for retired race hounds