A Word From Don Cherry – Founder
Taken in the Boston Bruins’ dressing room. One would think that with the Coach having a daughter as a dog groomer, that Blue would have a more up to date pedicure. 

I’ve had pets my whole life. From raising rabbits as a little boy, to owning my beloved Blue. There has always been a special place in my heart for dogs. I feel if you meet someone who is mean to a dog, chances are, the way they treat people will not be far off. In the past, anyone who asked me for autographed merchandise to be used in a pet rescue fundraising event, got an automatic reply of, “my pleasure”. In my heart I always wished I could do more. Especially when I’d meet the dedicated people who gave so unselfishly of their time to save and rescue pets. They are people who I term, “in the trenches” in saving animals’ lives.


So, my daughter and I decided to form this Foundation, for it was a way for us to step up to bat like those people that we so admire. She then put together a team of volunteers whose aim it is to make the public aware of the plight of homeless and abused animals by assisting those people whose goal in life is to help such animals. We do this by distributing funds to these dedicated people and their organizations, plus assist them in their fundraising efforts.