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Hello everyone.,

When I started up the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, my vision was to someday make it the go to source of many different aspects of Pet Rescue.  I had to officially describe this vision for many documents that are required to do such a thing.  This came in the form of government paperwork, Board of Directors’ forms , and even brochures that required us to describe our goals that could  be read in 15 seconds or less.  With these demands I relied on many sources.


Now I am to write articles on issues. I thought I’d start with explaining some of the disturbing controversies described in our brochure. In it, I recommend people get educated about certain issues and be part of a solution, not  part of the problem. (…and ignorance, is the main problem).


So, knowing this is the world of Google and if people really  wanted to know what Black Dog Syndrome is, with  a few clicks and they would know.  Therefore, I concluded I have to put a “Cherry” spin on such dilemmas to get people’s attention in what I have to say.   I see how my father puts a spin on issues via not only Coaches Corner, but to his 750,000+ followers on twitter that reflect his sometimes unique approach on issues.  People find whether they agree with him or not, it’s informative, enlightening, and  entertaining.


So my goal in life, is to do for Animals Issues what he does for hockey.  You may not agree with a lot on how I, Cindy Cherry view things, but it will give you some unique outlooks and facts, mostly not Googleable. See, I have started already, by making up a new word.   So Stay tune.

Prong Collars

Prong Collars

They are on the rise. And why not? Instantaneous results which is apropos for today’s society’s demand.

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