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Covid-19 & Ferns

May 10,2020- Spring Ferns growing through asphalt

Seen here are Ferns growing out of asphalt by my brother’s neighbor’s driveway.  What significance is this to me?  Lets talk metaphors.  Here is a fern.  A plant we could snap in half with our fingers. Yet it is strong enough to work its way  through an asphalt driveway.  Does this not represent the force of Mother Nature?  We see Her obvious  strength  everyday on the news.   Tsunamis, avalanches, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, mass flooding, all showing the strength of Mother Nature’s wrath.  However these ferns growing are not in wrath, just silence in their growth.  We humans are not going to beat this kind of survival instinct, no matter how much we wear masks, wash our hands, & isolate ourselves from the world. The solution has to do with a bigger picture. Sure we can pave over the fern’s roots and cut down it’s fiddle heads, but it will return next year, probably stronger and with more determination to break through.   


I am sure that my brother’s neighbors will just see these ferns as nothing more but unsightly and will eventually get their noisy weed wacker out and have them gone in a second.  They will do this without hesitation and not even a thought on what it took for this plant to force itself through 2 inches of asphalt  to survive and flourish.  To me this is a symbolic gesture of ignorance on what we do to animals in the quest of having them serve us in so many ways. Top of that list is  factory farming and wet markets. Take note, past pandemics including SARS, H1N1, MERS, or Ebola, have all been tied to animal consumption.  Well folks the dirty secrets of factory farming and wet markets has finally raised its ugly head and is hitting home.   What did we expect? Forget the morality of it, lets talk about the filth and the perfect storm for Mother Nature to brood a virus that will teach us all a lesson. 


I guess Mother Nature figured, well if we can’t beat them by killing them lets have this virus also ruin their economy and watch them implode on themselves. Ok, maybe Mother Nature didn’t figure it that way, but it’s all an evolution, which to some degree is nature taking its course.   The dynamics of the stats that media keeps broadcasting is just the tip of the iceberg in reality to the tragedy that is really taking place.  The ruin lives via homes lost, businesses and personal bankruptcy, suicides due to isolation, ect.,only proves my point that Mother Nature will win in the end.  Just think of all this social distancing, hand washing, and masks as the asphalt trying to keep these ferns under check.  Not going to happen.

May 18th  – coming on strong

May 26th – Flourishing, but as predicted in the article, the neighbors saw this as unsightly and weed-whacked it. How apropos.

June 4th– Lets try again, more determined & stronger, hmmm…something like a flu that’s going around.