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Thanks, Canada’s #1 betting site in our books.
Don has his morning coffee in a Tyson N Friends mug. 
The Good Guy’s carting dogs generously support this Foundation. To find out how they can help your cause, check them out at: The Good Guys

Cindy with Ex-Mayor of Mississauga Madam Hazel McCallion at the Totoredaca Leash-free Dog Park, to celebrate their 20th Anniversary.

Cindy and her 1st rescue dog, Lucy.  Without her inspiration there would be no Foundation. 

Click here for her story.

Don with 1st Responders and friends, plus Mary Demetruk & her service dog Hazel, who was given to her by Citadel K9 Society.

Click here to read more about them & how we support this unique organization. 

It’s always a Happy Easter at the Cdn Pet Expos, especially with Dozer the Pig and the Easter Bunny.

Meet highly trained Iggy.  Who gives moral support to children that have to go to court to testify against their abusers.  Without Barb’s (far rt) vision, this special program would not exist.

Check out Shadow’s before picture, click here to read his Northern Adventure.

Ian Lynch, CKC’s On-line Media Specialist in the middle of dog handler extraordinaire Will Alexander and Cindy at the 2019 Royal Canan Crown Classic Dog Show held at the Canadian Pet Expo  

Cindy with fellow Board Member,  Viki Bartosiewicz, President and CEO of Henry & Harvey with her 2 Frenchies at the 2019 Niagara Falls Cdn. Pet Expo

Many thanks to all the volunteers and their trained cart dogs, that always give so generously to this Foundation from money raised at the Cdn Pet Expos.

Cindy, Bryan Green owner of Simply Pets Treats, with Kelley of Lost Boys Hope and her daughter at the 2019 Fall Cdn Pet Expo in Toronto.

Click here to read more about this Rescue Group and why they received a grant. 


Celebrating Canada’s Indigenous Breeds at their 2018 Inaugural Show at the Cdn Pet Expo. 

Click here for more on the significance of this Specialty Show.

Ex-Madam Mayor Hazel McCallion of Mississauga, visiting the Simply Pets Booth at the 2017 Home Hardware Trade Show

Cindy at the 2016 National Pet Industry Trade Show with Nick Nicoloff of CanPet & Mike Clemons of the Toronto Argos.

The Gang that made Cindy’s 1st experience at a Northern Spay & Neuter Clinic all-worthwhile.

Click here to read her experience.

Cindy at North Bay Airport with a (unbeknownst)  pregnant Poppy, a Northern Dog, that was taken back with her to Toronto. Remember, be a flight volunteer. Put your flights to good use.

Cindy with Poppy and one of her eight pups. So who owned the Border Collie?

Cindy at the 2018 Cdn Pet Expo in Niagara Falls, with friends.  I guess the IceDog’s mascot name isn’t Blue anymore.  (inside joke).

Cindy and her new found mini Bull Terrier friends at the 2018 Niagara Falls Cdn. Pet Expo

Thanks to Madison who donated proceeds from the sale of her 2 Paws up Dog Treats to DCPRF.

Cindy at the 2018 OSPCA’s Education Conference in Niagara Falls, with new pals, Judy Decicco Board Member of the OSPCA & Nikki Burns Founder and past President of the Northern Spay & Neuter Program in Thunder Bay. 

Click here to check them out 

Volunteers at Hearts On Noses Sanctuary, showing appreciation for the grant they received.

Please click here to read more about their work

Cindy with Foster Mom #1 of Hazel (AKA Poppy), in Thunder Bay. 

Click here to read her story.

A Northern Dog brought back by Cindy from Thunder Bay with Foster Mom #2 Lori, in Mississauga, Ontario

Click here to read her story.


Cindy with Rescue Turtle at a friend’s house who has turtles left on her doorstep for her to now take care of. Thank goodness for people like her.

You never know whose company you will enjoy at the Canadian Pet Expo., Canada’s largest indoor Pet Show.

Please click here for more info on one of biggest supporters

Cindy with Mike “Pinball” Clemons of the Toronto Argos, promoting Simply Pet Treats on The Shopping Channel. 

Click here to view the video

The latest edition to the Cherry Family.

Click here to read more

Cindy finally gets a picture with her favorite purebred breed, LeRoy, the Dandi Dinmont Terrier @ the 2019 Cdn Pet Expo.  (this is not a stuff toy, but real)

Cindy cutting the ribbon to start the 2019 Inaugural Mutt March to support Soi Dog Rescue.

Click here to read more

Thanks to the Greater Toronto Hockey League for supporting the DCPRF at their 2017 Golf Tournament

Founder of DCPRF Cindy, showing off her dog grooming talents in her Groomobile, Canada’s 1st mobile dog grooming van. 

Click here to view what it takes to get some dogs ready for the show ring.

Cindy grooming “Sweet” just after her spay with owner, at a Spay & Neuter Clinic near Thunder Bay.

Erin of Northern Reach Rescue Network, one of the many volunteers that worked on getting Poppy from a Northern Reserve to Toronto.

Tara, the Kitchener Humane Society’s Adoption Councillor & Cindy rendezvousing at Pearson Airport to be a Flight Volunteer to save Carrie.

Click here to read about the Western organization that took her in

Cindy & Bonnie Harris manager of the Newfoundland SPCA at the Kitchener/Waterloo Humane Society 2018 Gala.   She was instrumental in saving animals on the planes that were directed to Gander after the 911 attack.  Does the play “Come From Away” ring a bell? Yep…that’s her.

Glad to see organizations such as Manitoba Animal Alliance puts our funds to good use. 

Click here to read all about them

April 30th, 2019 @ 7am. Cindy with Felipe Silveira-K9 Co-Ordinator of the Kitchener/Waterloo Humane Society.  With Carrie, on her way out West, with Cindy being a flight volunteer to get her out there. 

Click here to read her full story 

A portion of proceeds from the sale of Simply Pets Liver treats sold at Ren’s, goes to support Citadel K9 Society.

Click here to read about Citadel and why we chose to support them

Cindy with Dog Meat Survivor Daisy, at the 2019 Soi Dog Fundraiser Walk in Mississauga, Ontario

Click here to read Daisy’s story 

Click here to read more about Soi Dog’s work

Cindy Cherry raising money to promote organ donation in Canada, with help from Remax and the WHL.

Have you signed up to be an Organ Donor? If not, click here:

Now if only she could raise that kind of money for her Family’s Foundation.

Brian Archer-President of Citadel K9 Society with Cindy.

Please click here to watch this video on the purpose of this valuable organization.

Don promoting that he believes in heated birdbaths for the winter

Read Cindy’s blog  “Life is a Bird Bath

Cindy and her friends from the Canadian Chihuahua Rescue Transport at the Niagara Canadian Pet Expo.

Fundraising combo Marlo Znidarec & Cindy supporting an Oakville Humane Society’s event.

Don with Mary Demetruk, her service dog Hazel, Scott Arsenault President of Ren’s.

Click here to read where Mary got her service dog

Cindy and Carolyn Caldwell, of the Canadian Pet Expo at the Dog Tales Festival in the summer of 2017

Jenn Valentyne of Global News Morning Show, with Mike “PinBall” Clemons, joining Cindy at the Canadian Pet Expo.

Cindy Cherry attended Citadel Canine Society’s Ontario Trainer’s Workshop, where they discussed a potential service dog’s evaluation process, standardizing training manuals, fundraising efforts such as their Boots 4 Pups, and most enlightening of all, a review on the National Service Dog Standards process.

Click here to watch Cindy’s interview with 1 of their trainers

Cindy, MCing the Annual 2017 Milton Mutt Strutt & Spring Fair, supporting the Oakville/Milton Humane Society.

Cindy spreading the word of responsible pet ownership with Dr. Clayton Greenway, host of NewsTalk 1010’s Animal House.

Don with one of the “Chatham 21” Pitbulls in their custom made air conditioned dog-mobile headed Florida.

Don with Rob Scheinberg, owner of Dog Tales seeing off the “Chatham 21” Pitbulls to a safe haven in Florida.

Peter Kaufman owner of Buddy’s Kitchen on the rt. Maurizin Barbieri- executive pet chef – middle With Don.

Scott Arsenault- President of Ren’s, Bryan Green – Board Member and President of Simply Pet Products, and Cindy Cherry.

Dedicated staff getting ready for Official launch of Downsview Store Nov.17th, 2017

Cindy Cherry with Grant Crossman owner of Canadian Pet Expo awarding Joan owner of Antler Guys the “Best Retail Booth” at his 2016 show.

Left to Right-Bill Michelis, Bryan Green, Don and Cindy Cherry and Carla Costa at 2015 Foundation Launch.

Brian Green in the middle of Walmart executive Walter Blokl Consumables D8/Pets and Adelaide Sa Senior Category Manager at the launch of Walmart carrying the line of Simply Pet Products and the public awareness of Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation. March 2015.

Don with Canadian Bred Miss P, of Enderby, BC., who won best in show at the 2015 Westminster Dog Show in NYC. They are supporting the DCPRF in making the public aware of responsible pet ownership, at a local pet store.

Cindy Cherry with Marlo Znidarec, Sr. Event Planner for the Oakville/Milton Humane Society, Milton Councillors Mike Cluett & Colin Best, plus an Officer from the Milton Animal Protection Services, and of the course the OMHS Mascot, all showing their support at Milton’s Annual 2017 Fundraiser- Mutt & Strutt & Family Fair.

Cindy speaking with Suzie from Bullies Without Borders along with all 3 rescue Bull Terriers.

Click here to see this interview.

Bryan with a Simply Pet Treats Rescue Packaging Dog, Sophie a one-eyed Cane Corso. To view Sophie as a pup and read her rescue story.

Click here to read Sophies rescue stroy

They say imitation is the highest form of flattery and this little boy means it. Note the Don Cherry Bobblehead he’s holding, that somehow made its way to him for his effort.