Happy Tails

All the stories here have been touched one way or the other by this Foundation. Whether paying for costs incurred in their rescue or supporting the organizations and/or people that do the rescuing, we are there to assist. Enjoy their stories.

Poor King, a victim of man-made problems, that will cost someone alot of money and it won’t be his owner!

The founders of Critter Cabs saw such a need and filled it to develop a Canadian Transport Co-Ordination Group. No doubt some gas money would help, which is what we supplied.

If not for organizations such as GEARS, these dogs would have surely perished. Glad we could assist with some of their vet bills.

Cargo fees are a fact of life for this group. So glad we could assist them with their expenses.

More than a hobby farm. A haven for unwanted horses, with lots of baggage and vet bills, so we assisted with some of those costs.

Read Rubie’s story, on how we got wheels get in motion, when she needed a new home!

His owners gave up on him, but Jurassic Park didn’t. With vet bills mounting, we at least put a dent in them.

Pretty Boy Sammy was found abandoned outside an Ontario Tim Horton’s in -30* weather. He then lingers in a pound for months, then happily is whisked off to a SPCA in Nova Scotia. Read his journey in a quest for a loving home.

Meet Suzi, another Pitbull lingering in an Ontario Pound, deemed unadoptable due to Ontario’s ridiculous B.S.L. laws.  Read how we assisted her exit to New Brunswick.

When Don Cherry saw Sophie’s picture, he, like so many other people, felt here is a picture that represents what the Foundation is all about.  Her story reflects the lives of so many discarded pets. 

A quest for a duck, results in saving lives, thanks to Coveted Kennels/Sanctuary.

So…starts Momma Princess’ journey. Dumped by her captor who did nothing but breed her for money, then when she was no use to him, lets her wander the streets of Milton til she was found on the stoop of one of the many people that would lead her to a life that she so rightly deserves

Cali was found wandering the 16th floor of a high rise apartment in Scarborough, Ontario, wearing an orange harness. She was called in as a stray but it is believed that her owner was the one who called in so they wouldn’t have to pay a surrender fee. 

Shadow is one of those “petite” Northern dogs that has paid his dues in suffering. His saviours are many, including us. Read his story on how he found happiness in Toronto.

Sydney, a Neapolitan Mastiff, was the victim of unspeakable neglect. Covered in urine and feces when found, the incessant biting of dozens of horse flies was torturous; leaving the edges of her ears bloody and raw.

Carrie’s story makes you want to learn more about what it takes to be a “flight volunteer”. Read Cindy Cherry’s rewarding experience in doing such a thing, with great benefits to a Pitbull in need of getting out of Ontario to save her life.

Koala is a Pekingese cross who was abandoned by her owners in an empty apartment. Thankfully she was only alone for a couple days when the landlord found her.

When the Foundation asked Sarge’s rescuer, for a biography of their charming French Bulldog, here is what they received with a flare that only good friend Lorrie could put together.

Every year tens of thousands of dogs are inhumanely transported from Thailand to neighboring countries such as Vietnam where they are slaughtered by cruel and barbaric methods for the illegal dog meat trade.

His name is Big Red.  He was found as a stray by the Kitchen-Waterloo humane society.   Very underweight, lumps and sores all over his body, gum and teeth problems, he was in tough shape. 

Hazel’s life has had many twists of fate and unexpected “surprises”.  Her journey, as with many rescues, is heartwarming.