Frequently Asked Questions

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Why doesn't the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation provide charitable tax receipts?
A: Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation is a registered non-profit organization but we are not a registered charity with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Only registered charities are eligible to provide charitable tax receipts for charitable tax credit purposes for income tax calculations with the Canada Revenue Agency. Our corporation number is 8973156, the OCN ( Ontario Corporation Number) number is 001930807, and Business number is 89636084RC0001.
Can I hold a fundraiser?

Thank you so much for your interest in the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation.

Please note that Don Cherry supports the Foundation in many ways but is not available to attend events or make personal appearances or support in any way.

We need to work together to ensure that all laws (City, Provincial and Federal) for fundraising are covered, including licenses from the City for 50/50 draws, holding an event, raffles and more. There are a number of very important laws that we all need to follow as it protects all of us from potential harm. This is so important personally for Don Cherry’s reputation but also yours and those that you are asking to assist at an event.

When you raise money in the name of someone else like the Don Cherry Pet Rescue Foundation, you need to know what you are doing so let’s do it right together. Make sure you check with your local City office or the Canada Revenue Agency’s website www.cra-arc.gc

If you want to raise funds for Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, please take the time to fill in our questionnaire and email it back to us. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD OUR QUESTIONNAIRE

How involved is Don Cherry regarding the Foundation?

As the Founder of the Foundation, Don is very involved. He not only donates money he earns from signing memorabilia, but in anyway that his Board of Directors ask him to.

Is the Foundation a good way to get in touch with Don Cherry?
No. The email address used by the Foundation in no way will get you in touch with him.
Does this charity get government funding?

This organization gets funds from public donations and through our own fundraising efforts.

Why is this organization so strict regarding the public, raising funds and donating it back to the charity?
This is called 3rd party events. Don’t be fooled by misinformation and incorrect assumptions regarding gambling licenses (yes you need a license for a 50/50 draw or raffle) and holding events. There are Federal laws from the Canada Revenue Agency as well as City bylaws that you must follow. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure that if you are holding an event to raise funds for the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, you must obtain the appropriate licenses and follow the official rules to do so.

It is in YOUR best interest as well as your community to do so. It is also important as this Foundation is associated with a celebrity, so we have to be extra cautious due to any potential reaction from the public as well as the media regarding what you are doing in our name.

Does this charity have a pet shelter facility or do any animal rescue?

No, we do not. Our main goal is to assist the dedicated people out there that make it their mission in life to assist animals in need. Another goal is to educate people in the plight of homeless and abused animals across Canada. 

Does this organization have any paid staff?

We are 100% volunteer run.

Is this Foundation in association with Simply Pets Treats?