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The Joy of Hunting and All Its Rationalizations

In February 2021, a store called Chesher’s in Belleville, Ontario is holding a hunting contest with prizes and cash awarded for the 10 largest coyotes and the smallest killed. (they also have one for turkeys, deer and bears when in season to kill) Now I titled this blog about hunting but added it’s also about rationalization. This store’s logic (rationalization) was, “the main purpose of this event is to help control the predators that threaten our deer population and have some fun doing it”. It also goes on to say, to make sure no one is cheating, I guess, “the person who is weighing the coyote must be the one who shot the animal, and all applicable hunting reg’s will apply as well as any provincial/federal or municipal laws with the respect to hunting coyotes”.


The owner of the store, Billy, addresses the “issues” they have been receiving on their Facebook page, which is amusing to read. Again, I titled this blog correctly referring to rationalizing one’s actions. As with most hunters, they are filled with hypocrisy. The owner actually addresses the term fun of hunting, but then adds this tidbit, “No true outdoorsman or sportsman feels joy or fun in the taking of a life. It’s simply part of it, and we all deal with hunter’s remorse in our own ways”. I just don’t get it. Am I missing something?
To read more on Billy Chesher’s rationalization of his “contest” and addressing the concerns that are now being bestowed upon him, go to: .
For a guy to feel the need to address “some of the attention on social media as well as in the news regarding our annual coyoted contest”, I find it strange that most of the comments are in support of him. Could it be he censored his Facebook? Or are there that many “Varmint Killers” out there, as one post proudly called his rifle. (Some men have a name for everything!).

No matter what you think about these killings, you should also think about it jeopardizing the lives of species at risk because there are no geographic boundaries for this contest. The species that I am referring to is the threatened Algonquin Wolves, which is hard to differentiate from the larger coyotes that are going to win someone a contest.

To give you more facts that are hard to believe, get this, wildlife killing contests are illegal in Ontario, yet the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has refused to shut this down. The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act forbids anyone from hunting for expectation or gain or inducing anyone else to hunt for gain. So why haven’t they stepped in? Well, here is the link to voice your opinion and ask Lisa Foucault and Jamie Stewart, the Ministry staff who are responsible for interpreting and enforcing Ontario’s wildlife legislation.

We people here in Ontario sure have a problem with coyotes. I went to a town hall meeting here in my little town of Port Credit, Ontario to hear the hysteria of some people in their fear of these creatures. One memorable woman was voicing her fear she felt while walking her 2 Alaskan Malamutes while a coyote was following her. Can you imagine? I must admit the City of Mississauga Animal Control staff handled the meeting quite well, and they didn’t even laugh or sneer when this hysterical and comical woman started her whining. My old neighborhood in the Oakridge area of Mississauga, is forever going on about their issues and their war against the coyotes. They don’t even want them walking down the street and want something done about this intrusive behavior in their beloved neighborhood. If I ever say anything about sticking up for them, I am forever told about someone who knew someone, who’s friend had their little dog attacked while on its leash. Funny…. you never meet the actual person who had this happen to them. Hmmm……

So, to all you coyote haters relax, for Ontario’s lax hunting and trapping regulations allow unlimited, year-round coyote killing and do not even require hunters to report any of their kills in Southern Ontario. In other words, it’s open season anytime for killing these creatures that were here long before we came and invaded their turf. They just want to survive.

For an intelligent informative site that through investigation, education, prevention and enforcement they provide proven successful programming and strategies that sustainably alter they way communities interact and co-exist with wildlife (coyotes). Click here:

I only wish people like Mr. Chesher and his fans/supporters could be enlightened, but I doubt it.

Alberta has its share of killing wildlife contests. That’s some gun! Over-compensation? (for aiming I mean)

Sorry…when it comes to killing coyotes, we just had to put this in. Maybe, Billy Chesher can donate or sell his pelts to these guys, or does the bullets ruin the coat? Probably better caught in humane leg-hold traps as C. Goose claims they use. Talk about an oxymoron. Read more about their rationalizations and facts at: