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Sit With Me Rescue

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

This group is a foster-based rescue. They deal with abandoned/shelter dogs as they believe it’s these dogs that need a voice with someone in their corner.  They do not discriminate based on age, health or breed and do their best to better lives of animals by providing them with love, structure and the right environment in which to become the best dogs they can be.  They also work with area shelters, assessing and rescuing deserving dogs whose time has run out, such as below.


So glad we could be a part of their fundraising efforts.


Please check out their adoptable dogs here: www.sitwithme.ca such as “Don Cherry” pictured below:

Don Cherry is sweet as cherry pie! As is common for his breed he can be stubborn and as opinionated as the hockey commenter he gets his name from, but he can be sweet-talked into your way of doing things.


Don is not high energy but he likes to keep busy and definitely does not act his age. His stamina has increased significantly while in care and he really loves his 2-2.5 km walks which he gets once a day with multiple shorter walks thrown in. He gets short bursts of the zoomies but he is not a running companion.


He likes to be involved in everything you are doing, often right up against your legs. Because Don likes people soooo much, he’d love a home where there are lots of people to give him constant attention and he doesn’t discriminate on people age – any age is

They could not walk away from Noelle, a senior who was soon going to be killed at a shelter.

Though outlawed in Ontario, people still keep breeding these Pitbull mixes and these rescue groups keep spending money rescuing them.  The circle of life is so out of whack here.

The never-ending event planning.

The two challenges of every rescue group, Foster Care and Fundraising.