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ICE Foundation K9 Rescue

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Victoria Spencer, as with many Founders of rescue groups, was inspired by a special dog in her life. In this case it was ICE, seen here. To read about the inspiration of DCPRF,

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Victoria Spencer is the Founder of Ice Foundation K9 Rescue in Wallacetown, Ontario. Victoria has always had multiple dogs in her life since she was a child and has never been without one. Her deep understanding of dogs and behaviours gives her the ability to access dogs and their needs.


After many decades of fostering and rehoming dogs in need, her inspiration came from a malamute she fostered, Ice – he had a tough life for 10 years prior to coming into her home, and was saved off death row from a local shelter. This foster was particularly tough – and all her skills and training expertise had to be used to get Ice to understand he was loved, he had a family and to trust.


After 6 months many changes started happening and he started to just mesh in with her pack. After a year in her home – Victoria noticed some health issues and he shortly thereafter died of cancer in July 2016. He had a profound impact on her life heart and those who met him – she decided to officially start her rescue and dedicate it to those dogs in need, giving hope to those who have had a rough start and a perfect second chance.

Glad we could assist in their fundraising efforts.

With vet invoices like this, you see why contributing to fundraisers is a must, which we do on a large scale for groups throughout Canada.

What a difference 11 days can make to Harlow, 1 of 25 rescued at a one time. Puppy Mill anyone?