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Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Frazer & Geneva are 2 of the many unwanted, but lucky dogs that Loyal Rescue have found homes for.

A lot of people knowing that I am President of a Rescue Foundation have come up to me complaining about the extensive adoption applications that a lot of these Rescue Groups follow in their criteria in screening future adopters.  Yes it is true, reputable rescue groups are very strict on who can adopt their dogs, and do ask a lot of personal questions, plus have home checks to check out the environment the dog will be getting into. Loyal Rescue makes no apologies for this and explains why this is mandatory in there FAQ section. Click here to view their application.


They make no qualms for this., and even have a disclaimer saying how long it will take and tell you some hard facts to hear even before you get started.


“Please be aware that our application form is quite extensive and it may take you 20 minutes or more to complete it.


Among other things, we will require the name and phone number of your Veterinarian and three personal references that are not family members. Ideally, use personal references who currently own dogs that you interact with on a regular basis.


Please be sure to advise them that they will be contacted by a volunteer from LOYAL Rescue Inc.- in particular, your Veterinarian as most will not release medical history without prior permission and this could result in an unnecessary delay of your application process.


If you have had pets in the past but do not currently have any, your most recent Veterinarian information is required. If you have never owned a pet before then one additional personal reference is required instead.”


So, my interpretation to the above is, “if you already have a problem with the above requirements, don’t bother with the rest”.  I think this is great, kudos to them!


There are of course some extreme cases that you do wonder about.  A relative of mind who is a very responsible pet owner wanted a rabbit for her daughter.  Of course, knowing you should adopt a discarded pet, as oppose to buying one, her daughter found the perfect adoptable rabbit on line and so the process begins. This is a career woman who has a husband, 3 children, 3 adopted dogs, and fostered a little boy who she later adopted, pretty good credentials wouldn’t you say?  She called me up half laughing and devastated one day, telling me she had been turned down as a possible adopter for this rabbit.  She was even going to pay to get it spayed.  Sometimes, you do have to wonder.


Remember if you want to assist rescue organizations, but don’t know which ones are legit, and want to feel comfortable on where your money goes, donate to us, and we vet all organizations on their accountability and reputation.

As of July 1st,2017 the rest of these pictured dogs aren’t as fortunate, and are still waiting for their special homes.