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Whispering Hearts Horse Rescue

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

There motto is: “Where the Whispering of Horses in Need are Heard”. When rescued from stockyard auctions, which is often the last step in their now pitiful life, Brenda, the Founder has said, “the horses’ eyes lead to their soul, it is as if they are saying,  Please Help Me”, this is where I get my strength to carry on this huge undertaking. “


Not all of their horses get to be adopted, due to chronic health issues, past injuries and trauma, or just advanced age.  These horses get to spend their twilight years at the sanctuary.  Providing lifelong care has put a significant demand on their resources.  So if you’d like to sponsor one of these equines (including donkeys) check them out at: http://www.whhrescue.com/the-horses/success-stories/long-term-whhr-residents/horses-who-need-sponsoring


It is because of these demands we are glad we could be a part of their never-ending fundraising events.