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Tyson N Friends

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Tyson, the inspiration for Tyson N Friends.

As you read the stories about these rescue organizations and their history, you get to see a common denominator in a lot of them and that is it all starts with one animal touching a person to the core.
Don Cherry the Founder of this Foundation had his Bull Terrier Blue. Cindy Cherry, Don’s daughter and President of his Foundation had Lucy. (For Lucy’s rescue story, click here>>


For the Founder of Tyson N Friends’ Brian Ferreira it was an American Staffordshire Terrier named of course Tyson. Little did he know some 20 years ago, that this little dog would start him on a journey of love, pit bull advocating and dog rescuing. Tyson was a gentle soul, full of character, full of love and changed the lives of everyone he encountered.


Tyson N Friends is a small non-profit organization run by one of Tyson’s owners Brian Ferreira. A long with his incredible team of volunteers and other animal advocates, they work together in their spare time to save lives, bring back to health and re-home abandoned and abused animals. They rescue all breeds of dogs not only the bully breeds. Plus, as you can see by this picture with Brian, they have a soft spot for all animals in need, as seen in these 2 rescued kittens. No doubt they will need vet care, all of which costs money. So, it is with much pleasure that when they have a fundraiser, we are there with lots of Don Cherry memorabilia. Not only do we contribute to their events, we also support them when the vet bills get to be overwhelming. Please check out Momma Princess’ story by clicking here>>


So please check out their never-ending supply of adoptables at:
https://www.tysonnfriends.com/adoptables.html , but be prepared to fill out their extensive adoption application, as all good rescue groups have.

Founder of Tyson N Friends Brian Ferreira with 2 rescued barn kittens Thelma & Louise.

Don says, “Thumbs up to Brian and all his dedicated volunteers”.