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Momma Princess

When we donate money to a cause we believe in, we then write an article to show our donors were their money goes. However, after reading Brian Ferreira’s  (founder of Tyson N Friends Rescue) post on Facebook explaining the passion behind saving dogs like Momma Princess we thought he says it all.  And remember, her happiness would not be a reality if it weren’t for people like Brian.


Plus  for your listening pleasure, he included in his post the link to Don Cherry’s Podcast so you can hear what Don would like to do to Momma’s abusers.  Music to every dog lovers’ ears.


Tyson N friends-September 30th, 2020 FaceBook post:  ·

Greatful is an understatement!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Let us take you back for a moment…

Remember Momma from last year?

For those that don’t, she was one of our very first extreme medical conditions. Not something we are familiar with, but one we would never give up on.

Momma was found as a “stray” wandering around and laid down on someone’s front steps in Rural Milton.

Riddled with large mammary masses, deep gashes and gawd awful long untrimmed nails. The hunt for her owner was on. Only to have a man come forward saying he’s done with her. He got her from another guy that was done breeding her too.

Ok, by now, we are furious. We receive all her vet work to find out she had over 35 puppies in her lifetime at what – $1500-$2000 a pup. You’re telling us after approx $52,000 in profit, not a single dime was put towards Mommas care. She was in pain since 2017, and that’s only what we see on paper.

The chocolate on top – Dude requested the price of euthanasia and thought even that was too pricey so he let her… roam free.

Since coming into our care, Momma has made multiple trips to one of our amazing vets – Cornwall Animal Hospital. She’s overcome 3 cancerous mammary masses removed, pyrometra and heart worm!

With all that, came some pretty significant vet bills. We want to give a huge shout out to our friends over at the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation for donating to Mommas bills on multiple occasions. Without support like that, we can’t do what we do. Seriously. Thank you.

And check this out!!

Don and his daughter Cindy bring up donating recently to Tyson n’ friends. Specifically towards Mommas bills, although they don’t mention her name. For all our loyal followers and supporters over the years, you’d recognize her story right away. You’ll hear them speak of rescue from about the 1:15 minute mark until about the 3:00 minute mark.


All of us at Team Tyson are incredibly humbled by the ongoing support and donations, especially during such a year as 2020. You may be sick of hearing it by now, but it takes a village. That means you, and you, and even you over there!


So, thank you. Get your morning coffee going, click the Spotify link (September 28th’s episode- https://open.spotify.com/episode/43YVUjeqBM7XJPM7uQqLQG…and turn it up, and enjoy these beautiful transformation pictures of Momma. She’s looking like her true House Hippo self now.


Of course, her journey wouldn’t be what it is without her adoptive dad Peter and family.

We also continually support Tyson N Friends by donating items to his on-going fundraising efforts. To read more about this wonderful organzaiton and the work they do, click here >>

Don has his morning coffee in what else, but a Tyson N Friends mug!

So…starts Momma Princess’ journey. Dumped by her captor who did nothing but breed her for money, then when she was no use to him, lets her wander the streets of Milton until she was found on the stoop of one of the many people that would lead her to a life that she so rightly deserves.

Full of pyometra, heartworms, plus 3 major cancerous mammary masses. Can you imagine how many trips to the vet’s and TLC it took to bring this poor thing back to the gorgeous animal she is today.