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Black Dog Rescue

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

I love the title of some of the Rescue Groups. Save My Tail, Finding them Homes, A Dog’s Dream. Some you can tell what their focus is on such as, PitBulls for Life, Cats Up Street Cat Rescue, Feeding Program for the Northern Dogs, etc. However some, like  www.blackdogrescue.ca is misleading. They show no bias in the dogs they rescue, contrary to what you may think. To prove my point, please click here to check out the dogs they have for adoption.


As I, Cindy Cherry have expressed many time, we assist groups in many ways. In the case of Black Dog Rescue, we contributed to their fundraising efforts. Another way to assist the many rescue organizations is to educate the public. Not many people are aware that there is pattern out there about the stigma of “black dogs”. Please click here>>


I can tell you this, when I see someone with a big mix breed black dog, I feel like giving them the thumbs up. They aren’t going for the glam, just giving a great dog a home, that I am sure it well deserves.