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Grand River All Breed Rescue

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

The tough life of barn cats.  Glad someone takes an interest in them other than the dog.

This rescue group is multi-faceted and plays many roles in:


  • Rescuing animals from humane societies or animal control agencies, then adopts them out.
  • Plays a part in the Safepet program and helps foster animals temporarily while their owners find safe housing.
  • Helps people in crisis to keep their pets by temporarily fostering them or helping with vet care, food, supplies or training
  • Provides food and supplies regularly to first nation reserves
  • Practices Trap/Neuter and Release (TNR) of feral cats and maintains 6 colonies.

They are proud of the fact they recognize not only the care and attention that all pets require (as seen in these pictures) but also how fulfilling ( if occasionally challenging) a life with pets can be.  So they are not there for just the animals, but for their owners as well.


We are proud we could assist them in their on-going never-ending fundraising activities.  To view some of their adoptable pets go to: https://www.grandriverallbreedrescue.ca/available-small-animals/

Love how specific this group is about adoption. These 3 GP’s all had to be adopted together, or if only 1 adopted the adopter had to have another one at home.  Love it!

Luanna & Daisy, “Skinny Pigs” meaning hairless. Also had to be adopted together

These 5 Rats had to either be adopted in pairs or have other rats at home.  It also had to be specified that these smart, clean, and social animals cannot be used for breeding or “feeders”. (Don’t ask)

Nothing like Golf Tournaments for fundraising.  High energy input and costs for hosting one, but if you do it right, they sure can raise the money.