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K9 Aid.

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

K9 Aid focuses on helping animals in distress around the world by providing a centralized approach to raising funds.  The Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation has assisted them in this part of their goal.  They have one of the most extensive ways in which you can decide how you want your donated money spent.  From their list of causes,you may choose to assist them in achieving their required goal of $600 to buy heaters to keep Romanian dogs warm in the winter (mission accomplished), to adopting out dogs from around the world.  They also have an extensive list of small shelters throughout the world in places you never heard of that you can to help.

They have a great system to show how much is needed to reach a certain goal, and shows you the % that has been attained, plus pictures and details of the request.

The point is this, from their SNIP sterilization program, to you joining their Old Dogs Rock Club there is a fit for you in how you want to promote humane treatment to animals around the world.  However, with all this good will, there is a food for thought of why not help Canadian dogs first?   I asked this to my friend that had adopted one of these “off-shore” dogs.  Her reply was simply, “a dog is a dog and their suffering is the same.” I didn’t say much after that.