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Blackbird Ranch

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

The inspiration behind this facility, Red Kelly. Perhaps a hockey reference here?

This Equine Rescue & Rehab Facility in Manitoba started in 2011, with a memorable horse now named “Red Kelly”. In so many of these rescues, they are started up by one person who comes across a special animal that inspires them to do more.  In the case of DCPRF, it was a dog name Lucy. (Click here for her story https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/about-us/a-word-from-cindy-cherry/


This Facility believes in using a natural approach and working within the horse’s comfort zone, and at their pace. They use a lot of desensitizing methods and believes that desensitization is an essential part of training your horse. They also base their methods around the horse’s needs, abilities, and temperament.

Please check out their adoptable horses here: http://bbrequine.weebly.com/for-adoption.html

Daisy’s 1st day @ the Ranch in 2015, then adopted out January of 2016, what a difference a year makes, & some TLC

This ranch saves all equines including what is termed “the lost equines” which means mules, donkeys, & everything in-between.  To read up on another organization that DCPRF has supported that specializes in such wonderful creatures, click here: https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/our-successes/monetary-donations/donkey-sanctuary/

The never-ending quest for money and support.  Ava raised $100 selling her handmade bracelets, juice, & cookies.

Gotta love it!.