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The Donkey Sanctuary of Canada

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

You can tell the people that run this place really know what they are doing.  On the home page it says, exactly what I think people want to ask me when I say Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation  donated to this cause. Front and center it explains,  “About Us” Or: Why donkeys?  Well they tell you why.  It was eloquently  put by one of their staff, “the donkey is the forgotten equine, too often ridiculed and too often considered disposable at the end of it working life. For a great article on expanding this question click here.


This 100 acres tranquil sanctuary, that runs entirely on private donations, provides  to donkeys, mules, and hinnies a chance to live out their lives naturally in peace with no obligation to humans. Being a rescue organization their mandate is also to educate the public with their Programs.  These include tours, educational seminars, explaining their vital Foster Farm Network project, and of course how you can sponsor a donkey.  Go to their website www.thedonkeysanctuary.ca Learn what a bull donkey is, donkey roping , and check out the bios of their rescues.    It’s the best I have ever seen in its set up.  It even gives you the exact info on what to punch into your GPS for a visit.   How sweet and rare is that.  You get where I am coming from.   What’s the real name of the city that the GPS wants to hear.  Puslinch (not Guelph)  and 6981 Concession 4


Now most of you out there, like the producers of CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada  don’t know the difference between a donkey and a mule., let alone what a hinny is.  So when my Dad, Don Cherry saw that CBC was all queued up to show a donkey, instead of a mule in reference to the nickname of the Detroit Red Wings player Johan “The Mule” Franzen, he proceeded to explain the difference on TV.  To save you the trouble of finding this hilarious clip., here is the difference:  donkey stallion (jack)  + horse mare = mule.   A  horse stallion + donkey mare (jenny) = hinny.  Just for an FYI: a burro is wild, a donkey is domesticated.


Even though our name has pet rescue in the title, we believe all animals have a right for a dignified painless life.  That is why we chose, with your money, to support all types of organizations that do their best in trying to irradiate what we “civilized” people make animals endure. If you would like to assist us in trying to make Canada  a better place for animals such as these forgotten equines., please click onto our Do Good Logo.