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Monetary Donations


The Rescue Groups listed below have all received monetary donations from the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation. YOU can assist us in supporting organizations like the ones showcased in this page by donating. Please click on the logos below to read their stories.

This group of volunteers, that we assisted with funds, concentrates their sterilization clinics in Colombia. Some dogs they do fly back to Canada to find homes, plus they assist dogs in the Toronto area.

Their goal is keeping family pets with their families.

An underground railroad of volunteers who transport animals from overflowing high kill pounds to rescue organizations across Ontario and Quebec.

Nunavut’s first and only animal shelter is growing in 2021

Get a lesson on Canadian Geography on the areas this group covers.

Based out of St. Sault Marie, Ontario, this group is a wealth of information.

One of thee most comprehensive websites on assisting the public when you are in a dilemma concerning wildlife.

Based out of Corner Brook, Newfoundland and their claim to
fame is that they are Western NL’s first organization to introduce and advocate for humane methods of
stray and feral cat care.

Campbellford, Ontario is home to this truly named “Promise Land” for unwanted animals.

This organization is a branch of the Newfoundland Provincial SPCA.

With a mobile Spay/Neuter clinic, more help is on the way for the Northern Dogs and their plight.

Looking for a smaller dog to adopt, check out this organization in Quebec

Started by one crazy cat lady and one crazy dog lady. (their words, not ours!)

Saving the Northern Dogs, Quebec Dogs, and puppy mill outcasts in the U.S., they save them all.

The Cat Rescue Maritimes (CA-R-MA) has 15 Chapters in the Maritimes. Now that’s organization @ its finest.

Read about one of Canada’s best kept secrets.

This group practices the 3’s of rescue and can help you find your BFF(best furry friend)

Nowhere is too far…For RMAR”. Their reach: from Canada, Mexico, Saudi Arabia to Iran, Kosovo, Turkey and Korea

A Maritime Cat Rescue that has the right idea on adoption

A married partnership finds the secret in life, in combining passions.

Donkeys, mules, hinnies…all beasts of burden and rightly named.  Read about an organization that recognizes such injustices and tries to do something about it.

As with most Provinces, Manitoba is no different when it comes to the Feral Cat Crisis. Read what this CRA
registered charity is doing about it.

This Ottawa Rescue has the right idea when it comes to fundraising & the passion.

Our President explains why “parrot rescue” is so important to her personally.

Read about this rescue in the Brantford & Brant County area

Whether you’re a cat person or dog person, either way, you have to support and give credit where  credit is due.  Remember, rescue groups come in many forms.

Wildlife is just as important as our pets if you are an animal lover.

Another group that is taking on the responsibility of the Feral Cat problem within our cities and so much more.

To have a sanctuary with no paid staff, means their volunteers are the real people that “love” horses. Watch 2 moving videos that reflects their spirit.

Another Maritime Provence that knows the value of saving feral cats.  Or as some people may call them “Barn Cats”.

Once again, people seeing a need. This time realizing how important it is to keep people and pets together.

Cat Sanctuaries are rare, and this organization runs 2 in Thunder Bay.  Lucky felines!

Helping stray cats live a happier & healthier life, four paws at a time on the Burin Peninsula located on the south coast of Newfoundland & Labrador.

No different than most rescues, they know fostering is the key to success.

Their mission is to provide compassionate care for the public’s unwanted pets, plus educate and inspire responsible pet/family relationships, and to work with like-minded community groups.

This organization leads by example of combining a Humane Society philosophy, and being smart minded enough to sign a contract with the city to provide animal control services to the community.

1 of 9 branches of the SPCA in the Newfoundland/Labrador region.

Cute, cuddly, lapdogs? Nope, this organization saves the tough dogs to find homes for.

Many projects, many successes, this rescue does it all

This British Columbia group serves the lower mainland as well as Tricities.  They not only rescue, but participate in spay/neuter programs and public education.

Rescuing animals since 2015, this C.R.A. registered charity is on a mission to improve animal welfare in Alberta.  Read one of their many success stories, concerning “Hope”.

Started in 2006, this CRA registered charity is based in Simcoe County, Ontario and is dedicated to saving lives of homeless dogs through their volunteer foster program.

Founded in 2009, this CRA registered charity has its hands full monitoring 25 feral cat colonies.

Norway House Animal Rescue, AKA Manitoba Animal Alliance is a power house organization, leading the way in addressing so many facets of dealing with the Northern Dog crisis.

This group came on our radar when we were contacted by a Kitchener/Waterloo Humane Society dog walker volunteer.

An independent Humane Society run totally by volunteers and gets no funding from the SPCA or government.

Thousands of dogs have been saved by this Alberta charity. Read more about their services and accomplishments.

This organization serves the community of Golden, BC and its surrounding area.

Their goal is a tough one. “To improve the welfare of dogs and cats in Asia.” If any organization can make a dent in the horrors that go on there when it comes to animals, Soi Dog can.

Read about one woman’s journey in Blackstock, Ontario on starting up a Rescue group, which began with saving one 8-week-old street pup.

Their mission is to provide sanctuary to unwanted, neglected, and abused animals. They vow that every creature given refuge will be respected as a sentient being.

A Mississauga, Ontario based organization that mainly rescues dogs from the Southern U.S., focusing on Georgia.

On July 2011, a dog named Annie was found abandoned and scared on the side of the highway near Brokenhead First Nations. Testing positive for heartworm & lyme disease, her fearless rescuers organized a garage sale to cover treatments. With this one act of kindness Manitoba Underdogs was formed.

Another much needed organization that address the ever-growing problem of the feral cat problem that exists in almost every city throughout Canada.

Refuge Magoo is an organization provides abandoned and neglected dogs with adequate shelter, healthcare, food and love they need in order to facilitate the rehabilitation process.  

Meet Carrie and her adventures in having Cindy Cherry be a first time flight volunteer to get her out of Ontario that bans her “type”.

This British Columbia group serves the lower mainland as well as Tricities.  They not only rescue, but participate in spay/neuter programs and public education.

Rescuing abandoned, abused, and neglected animals from high-kill shelters throughout Southern Ontario and Quebec since 2011.

Read about the B.C. group that is very proactive in taking animal injustices and rescue to new levels.

Love Those Seniors & More is a registered charity rescue dedicated to the rescue & adoption of dogs who have found themselves in need of a new loving home.

When you have a Rescue Group such as Underdogs Rescue, that specializes in saving the “power breeds” and fighting the misconception of such dogs, how could The Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation not support them?

What do Zoes and the Edmonton Oilers have in common? Find out here.

Through multiple levels of support, this fully volunteer group has help create more manageable and sustainable dog populations in the First Nations communities in Saskatchewan.

This CRA registered charity helps farm and companion animals through rescue, rehabilitation, adoption, long-term care, and community education.

Each year Kitty Cat Prevent a Litter Society rescue 500+ feral and abandoned cats.

They are a rescue and sanctuary for abandoned, stray and feral cats and kittens.

Lost Boys Hope rescued and successfully adopted 300 plus dogs, that number continues to rise weekly.

A major player in the attempt to bring awareness, attention & action to a serious animal welfare crisis going on today in Northern Canada.

A Rescue that puts a Nationalistic spin on the rescuing of dogs

The Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue take in dogs and cats from Manitoba who have been abandoned, abused, or surrendered at no fault of their own.

This CRA registered charity is based in Thunder Bay. 

One of the many organizations that see the challenges the Northern Communities have with their pet overpopulation crisis.

Founded in 2013, based in Toronto by two sisters. They have an inspirational approach to dog rescuing.

RESCUE NL was founded to address the problem of animal abuse and neglect in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Pocket Pets! The answer to a society that believes in instant gratification and easy  disposability.    This society  addresses this misconception

A great success story in Vancouver.

One of the largest and most successful cat rescue organizations in Canada.

Crossfield, Alberta’s Not-For-Profit, no kill shelter for cats.

A retreat for Pot-Belly Pigs & Farm Animals

Did you know children living in First Nation communities are 180 times more likely to be bit by a dog then a child living in an urban setting? Hundreds of dogs roam unvaccinated unsocialized and breed uncontrollably.  Many will not survive the winter but even more will suffer so badly right in our own backyard.  Read what this organization is doing about it.

Beagles, more than just hunting dogs. But then what?

Wolfe Islands friends of Ferals is about the humane population management of Wolfe Islands 400+ feral cats.

Carter’s is a non-profit animal rescue dedicated to finding safe, loving homes for all dogs regardless of their breed and age.

As our population gets older so does the amount of unwanted senior pets.  This organization addresses this increasing trend.

Learn more about Willie- the inspiration in the development of Hearts on Noses, a Sanctuary in a quest to save these “mini-pigs”.

This organization is the epitome of when one person saw a problem and did something about it.

An organization that recognizes the importance of senior people & dogs fulfilling each other’s lives. Read Brandy and Mataeo’s story.

This Nova Scotia Rescue Group has that universal common thread that connects all rescuers, and that is their love and passion for all animals.

Focusing on Foster Care & Adoption Care Programs, while their dedicated Foster Families provide kindness & compassion.

The Citadel Canine Society was chosen by this Foundation to be the recipient of funds raised by the sale of Simply Pets Liver Treats.

Meet Marc, and the Premier Reptile Ambassador of Little Res Q’s, Arthur.

Saving horses and menopausal women.  What’s the connection? Getting educated is half the battle in “loving” animals.

From Pitbulls, pigs, bears, archaic laws, this organization is not afraid of confrontation.  In fact, I think they relish in it, for if there is a controversy or an injustice, make sure they will be in the mix!

This London based organization has been around since 1977.  Their focus is on adoption, education, and spaying/neutering.