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The Dog Rescuers Inc.

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

The picture here of Joan Zniderac President of The Dog Rescuers Inc. and I, Cindy Cherry, says it all. We have been friends for many years now.


Her dedication to helping dogs has never ceased to amaze me.   I am in total awe of her for so many reasons.  Her unselfishness in giving up her life to get dogs out of the predicament that we humans have put them in, is beyond words.



She sacrifices a lot and asks for nothing back.  She is my go to person when it comes to rescue.  Her knowledge and judgement is beyond reproach.


Do you think I admire her?  She is a source of a lot of the Rescue Dogs shown on the Simply Pets Treats’ packaging.  In particular, was Sophie.   A one eyed Cane Corso pup.  For her story click here. The picture in the gallery below shows Sophie all grown up, with her adopted family at the launch of Simply Pets Treats at a local pet store.

Joan and the Dog Rescuers Inc. were also the ones that rescued sweet puppy CUPID, you can read Cupid’s rescue story here.


You can also view our videos where Cindy Cherry interviews Joan on Cupid’s rescue and how The Dog Rescuers Inc. are helping him.


Please check out all the great work she does, plus upcoming fundraising  events, and of course the dogs that are looking for their forever home go to: www.thedogrescuersinc.ca