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Hobo Haven Pet Rescue Network

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Pictured here is Hobo, who was euthanized within 3 days after being surrendered to a local shelter due to lack of foster homes, because he had an ear infection.

Founded in 2006, Hobo Haven Rescue Network is a group of dedicated volunteers in the St. Jacobs, Ontario area devoted to assisting homeless pets to help them find new forever homes.

All pets are fostered in private family homes, assessed for temperament and ideal match profile, fully vetted including spay/neuter, microchip, vaccines, deworming/parasite control. All adoption applicants are thoroughly screened, including vet references, home visits and meetings.

They know it takes a village…so they also network with other very reputable rescues
and volunteers to provide transport, medical attention, home visits, fostering and adoptions to assist the many homeless pets in their community.

As with a lot of Rescue Groups, it all starts with one inspirational abandoned dog was who was dumped
in their area and nicknamed Hobo.

Their mission is to provide a safe haven for many like Hobo who just needed a second chance.

It is groups like this that have a never-ending challenge of fundraising. So when they come asking for some Don Cherry signed memorabilia to put on their on-line auctions, we are more than happy to oblige as you can see.