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The Orangutan Project

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

What can we do here at home to help these beautiful creatures? Start reading ingredient packaging and AVOID PALM OIL!

When DCPRF was contacted by one of their volunteers in requesting an item for their silent auction at one of their fundraising events, we had to take a look of what this Foundation is about.  Our mandate was to assist groups here in Canada that are trying to make a difference in this complex world of animal preservation and welfare.  Since this organization’s event was being held in Canada, we of course most heartily agreed this was a worthwhile cause.


Orangutans being a Great Ape, as opposed to monkeys, are so closely related to humans that we have 97% of our DNA in common with them.  These gentle, patient, and intelligent mammals are on the Critically Endangered List.  This is due mainly through the loss of their habitat because of logging, Palm Oil Plantations, droughts, and forest fires.


Another cross these animals have to bear is the poaching for bush meat, but more frequently is the killing of mother orangutans to sell their babies for pets. You probably know the type of person that this would appeal to. Sadly, they are the types that want to be so “unique”. One out of six of these orphans are lucky enough to be rescued and then rehabilitated by volunteers. Right now there are over 1000-orphaned orangutans living in rescue and rehabilitation centers.


Care of these infants is costly and requires 24 hr staff, veterinary and nurse care to ensure they are in healthy condition to survive and if possible even returned to the wild.  If you would like to support and help the care of these infants who normally cling to their mothers and suckle their mother’s milk til the age of 6 years old.



Please check them out at: www.orangutans.ca/adopt/

This can cost as little as $12.00 per month.

Read Popi’s story, how she was rescued at 8 weeks old when her mother was killed by Palm Oil Plantation workers and then sold as a “pet”. https://www.orangutans.ca/adoption/adopt/popi/

Read Happi’s story at: https://www.orangutans.ca/weblog/2017/10/11/happi/
He didn’t start out too Happy. He was 12 months old when rescued and has had his share of health problems, but is now thriving at the Borneo Orangutan Rescue and Rehabilitation Center in East Kalimantan.