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Ibizan Hound Rescue

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Founders- Brian & Diane Hughes

Hound Haven was in established in 2013 and located in Simcoe, Ontario. It is a picturesque sighthound retreat that your hounds can enjoy off leash running in a fully fenced park like setting.


A friend of Cindy Cherry’s loves her Whippets and is quiet familiar with Hound Haven. Knowing they were going to have an event to support Ibizan Hound Rescue located in Spain, she knew who to call for a few fundraising items. It is always with great pleasure that this Foundation not only supports groups financially but also in their fundraising efforts.


This Ibizan Hound Rescue was started by the couple pictured here that thought they would retire from the hectic life in the UK, to sunny Spain. As with most people that start up Rescue organizations, it all begins so innocently. Volunteering at a local shelter. Then fostering a few dogs that leads to a few “foster fails”.


Then exporting them out for adoption to other countries such as Sweden, Denmark, The States, and hopefully Canada. And so it began, eight years ago, with Diane just wanting to do volunteer work to improve her Spanish, it then blossomed into an International Rescue. And just for an FYI, she still doesn’t speak Spanish.

Sight Hound Paradise @ Hound Haven

A well organized fundraiser, that we were proud to support.

Good weather always helps an outdoor fundraiser. 

A look of great contentment at a fundraiser with your favorite dogs.

So this is what an Ibizan Hound looks like.  Can you tell it’s a Sight Hound?