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Sato Saved Dog Rescue & Rehabilitation Center

Fundraising Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

As with a lot of people that find their passion in animal rescue, it starts with one special inspiration.  This Foundation’s inspiration was a Pitbull named Lucy. 


Read her story here: https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/about-us/a-word-from-cindy-cherry/ .


Deandra Camara’s  inspirational dog came from Puerto Rico,  named Sato. Read her story here:

Sato Saved B&RC was founded out of passion and love for dogs of all kinds. I rescued my first dog, Sato from Puerto Rico in 2016. In PR, the term for street dogs is “Sato”, and thus he earned his name. Over the next two years, I spent many days, nights, and hours helping more dogs leave the island and find forever homes, alongside my friends who live there and who also share my passion for saving the unwanted. In 2017, our family relocated to a farm property with 25 acres and a kennel, and we immediately got to work establishing our rescue and boarding centre! It was named after our boy, Sato because he is the reason why so many more dogs have been saved.


Sato Saved uses all proceeds from boarding guests to fund our rescue work. We work closely with our local community, and rescue groups in Puerto Rico to save as many dogs as we possibly can. We believe in providing a different type of atmosphere for dogs brought to us under stressful circumstances. Our kennel is set up like a giant living room with lots of free space, playtime, and fresh air.


Your dog can help save others, help us help them. Please PM (@satosaved) for boarding rates and ways that you can donate to our centre.


♥ Deandra
Founder, Sato Saved

Why do we need Rescues like Sato? Take a look @ these pics!

“In October of 2020 we were informed this organization is now run out of Brantford, Ontario, by Cassie Bryden. Please check out their rescues that are now looking for a home at https://satosavedrescue.wixsite.com/satosaved/dogs