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Hello everyone.,

When I started up the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, my vision was to someday make it the go to source of many different aspects of Pet Rescue.  I had to officially describe this vision for many documents that are required to do such a thing.  This came in the form of government paperwork, Board of Directors’ forms , and even brochures that required us to describe our goals that could  be read in 15 seconds or less.  With these demands I relied on many sources.


Now I am to write articles on issues. I thought I’d start with explaining some of the disturbing controversies described in our brochure. In it, I recommend people get educated about certain issues and be part of a solution, not  part of the problem. (…and ignorance, is the main problem).


So, knowing this is the world of Google and if people really  wanted to know what Black Dog Syndrome is, with  a few clicks and they would know.  Therefore, I concluded I have to put a “Cherry” spin on such dilemmas to get people’s attention in what I have to say.   I see how my father puts a spin on issues via not only Coaches Corner, but to his 750,000+ followers on twitter that reflect his sometimes unique approach on issues.  People find whether they agree with him or not, it’s informative, enlightening, and  entertaining.


So my goal in life, is to do for Animals Issues what he does for hockey.  You may not agree with a lot on how I, Cindy Cherry view things, but it will give you some unique outlooks and facts, mostly not Googleable. See, I have started already, by making up a new word.   So Stay tune.

Summer Job- “Semi” Vet Tech

So I decide in High School I want to be a veterinarian assistant. So my Dad gets me a job at one of the biggest clinics in South Boston. We live in North Andover, just south of the New Hampshire border.

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A Name is just a Name. NOT

What does your dog’s name say about you? A rose by any other name is still a rose. Fortunately in most cases this is true with machoed (is that a word??) named dogs.

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PitBull Propaganda

Being President of Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation, you knew I, Cindy Cherry would have to address Breed Specific Legislation (BSL). So much has been written and analyzed on this subject. There are lots of great organizations that you can go to that will give you the facts.

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Pretty Boy Sammy

Sammy came to a shelter in Ontario, on Jan 9th 2017 by an animal control officer, after being found abandoned outside of a Tim Horton’s in -30 degree weather. Unfortunately no leads of ownership nor owners came forward for him. Sammy was a male intact Texas Blue Nose PitBull approximately 2 years old weighing 80lbs. Though a sweet and loving boy, on Jan. 19th, the pound completed a SAFER (safety assessment for evaluating re-homing) test on him.

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Suzi The PitBull

Meet Suzi. She was a 2 yr. old stray when she was picked up by animal control in the summer of 2017. She lingered in the Pound for over ½ year.

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The Cherry Story on Pet Ownership

Many people are very familiar with Don Cherry especially in the hockey world. Mr. Cherry is known as an ice hockey commentator for CBC Television and co-host of “Coach’s Corner.” He also has had a very successful career as a hockey player and NHL coach.

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Black Dog Syndrome.

Black Dog Syndrome, not an urban myth, or as they would say today “an internet hoax”, it’s real, and the black dogs are paying the price.

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Buying a dog

I know, an article about buying a dog, as oppose to adopting one on a site about animal welfare. My rescue friends are saying, “say it ain’t so”! Relax; this Foundation has many causes, one of which is to educate the public. This task…

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The Advantages of Fostering

To me there are 3 elements in the world of rescuing pets. The person that takes them out of horrible conditions, the people that chose to adopt these homeless animals, and then there are the foster parents.

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