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My Ahh Hah Moment of Becoming a Vegetarian

We all have our own personal reasons for becoming a Vegetarian.  Lets face it, it reduces heart disease, cancer problems, weight (supposedly), global warming, world hunger, & toxic food contaminants. The benefits are endless.   My turning point?  An incident on the 401 highway.


I always felt guilty for years on not becoming one.  Not for the reasons mentioned above, but morally.  It was about the animals.  Sure,  I didn’t eat veal, but really? I knew I was a hypocrite.  So there I am east bound on the 401 from Kingston to Toronto.   On a hot sunny beautiful afternoon I could see 4 transports in a row ahead of me.  I am hoping they’re not full of pigs going to slaughter.


But as I get closer I can see their little snouts sticking out, trying to get fresh air.  I boot it to get past them, saying to myself, “do not look, and do not look”.  I look.  I just have to get by these trucks.  Then the lead truck pulls into the fast lane and blocks me in.  I am trapped there for at least 2 miles. My mind is a whirl thinking of the fate of those pigs.  I had always said white pinky Bull Terriers remind me of little pigs. 


So much so, that when Blue ran away at the cottage my mother in her rage, went past all the cottagers sitting on their porches, and said, “did you see a little pig run by” and they all said “ yes, she went that way.”  Go figure. 


As cliché as this sounds, in my disclaimer as all people say, I am not a religious  person.  But somehow when you really want something, you pray to God.   So I made a pack with him.  If He gets this truck to pull over, I will never eat meat again.  Was there any doubt? The truck pulls over, I floor it, and away I go.

I haven’t eaten meat since.  

EPILOGUE: For more info on the state of non-vegetarianism in Canada for this year, click here, and check out the “animal clock”.