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Life is a Bird Bath

I always enjoyed eating lunch with my young son watching the birds in the winter utilizing our heated birdbath.  The Chickadees, two by two quenching their thirst, since all other water was frozen.  Downey Woodpeckers, Finches, Sparrows, Mourning Doves, all taking turns drinking and sometimes even taking a quick dip in the warm water.  When the beautiful pairs of Cardinals showed up, the day was made.   Then all of sudden the hordes of Starlings would come.  Eight to 10 in the water at a time.  Drinking, bathing, defecating, fighting amongst themselves.  Getting their strength in numbers and scaring all the “civilized” birds away.  I said to my son, “See Del, never be a Starling in life”.  He knew what I meant.


Then all of a sudden, down swoops a huge Blue Jay and scatters the hoards.  A smile comes to my face.  I then said, “Now that is what you want to be in life, a Blue Jay”.  And out of the mouth of babes, he says, “yeah, that’s Don”.  He got it.  


Don gives his Father’s Day gift, a heated birdbath, two thumbs up.

EPILOGUE: Though there is some controversy on whether winter heated bird bath are good for the birds, I personally believe they are more important for the health of the birds then birdfeeders. My theory is it’s hard for the birds to find water when it’s all frozen. So if you logically believe these are a good investment and want hours of enjoyment and help our feathered friends, here is a link of where I buy my Dad his perfect Father’s Day gift.