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No Pet? A-OK

Honesty can get you judged.  But stay true to yourself and have a good night’s sleep.

You had better be ready for a long walk, when you get home. Hopefully, for the dog’s sake, guilt sucks.

I was at a function, and doing a speech on responsible pet ownership.  Afterwards, a bunch of us were talking about our childhood pets.  I noticed this one woman was not talking much.  Though I must admit when a bunch of my friends get together, it is sometimes hard to get a word in edge wise.  I simply said to her to get her in the conversation, how was her night so far?  She then proceeded to say, “oh, you wouldn’t like me, I don’t have a pet”.  I was shocked.  Not because she didn’t have a pet, but she would think that of me.  I know I am perceived as judgemental, but I didn’t think I was that bad.  I then told her, “good for you, you probably have a good excuse why you don’t, and if more people were like you, there wouldn’t be so many in rescue”.


What I meant by that is, there are more reasons not to have a pet, then there are to have one.  She hit the nail on the head, when she told me how she worked long hours, and was tired at the end of the day, and just felt she didn’t have the energy or time needed to take care of a pet.  Also, she traveled a lot, and didn’t feel she wanted to ask friends to look after her responsibilities.  She said, she’d love to have a pet, but just knew it wouldn’t be fair to the animal.  How great a logic is that?  A woman from my own heart.  She didn’t let her heart rule her head.  She loved animals, and supported many animals’ causes.  We were after all, at a fundraising event.  So, she walked the talk.  I truly wish more people were like her.  You hear it all the time, when people are surrendering their pets.  “Oh, we just work too much”.  Well, were you not working when you got the dog? Did you think, the dog after staying home all by itself all day, was just going to jump in your lap for the night?  Gee, it wants to go for a walk.  What a novel idea. 


You really have to wonder what people are thinking. I have so much respect for people that choose not to have a pet because of their lifestyle.  I only wish there were more of you out there.  I guess like me.  Yep, no pets.  When I started this Foundation, my Dad asked me, what are you going to say to someone that asks you about not having any pets of your own?  Well, I gave him my spiel, and I guess I went on too long, and he finally relented and said, “Ok,ok, I get it”. I wish more people would.