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Cocker Spaniels in Your Life

I’d better do my disclaimer first concerning Cockers. I am sure if you own one, you love them.  I am sure if you “breed” them, you love them.  However there is another side of the breed and that concerns grooming them.  Pet grooming them is a lot of work and I will leave it at that.  I will give you my take from a groomer’s perspective.  It is not so much about grooming them, as a lesson in life I have learned concerning them and a word of advice from my Dad. 


 I owned Cherry’s Groomobile in the early 80’s,  Canada’s first  service that comes to your home and grooms your dog right in a custom van.  I enjoyed it and made darn good money for a young entrepreneur.  I filled up with water at my parents place and shared a cup of coffee every morning with them.   


My Dad knowing me all too well could see one day I was in a bad mood.  In a way that only Don Cherry can ask, “what’s up with you?”  I explained that somehow I had booked 3 cocker spaniels all in one day.  Unless you’re a groomer you have no idea how much work and aggravation this is. 


He then asked me if I had any other appointments that day.  Of course I did, a poodle, schnauzer and a westie, all easy regular customers.  That is when he strikes.  “you know Cindy, I know you pretty well, and you’re going to be in a bad mood all day, and those easy going dogs and customers, will also feel your irritability, and that’s just not fair.”  He was 100% right on.  Then he told me something that I still apply to everything.  “you had better get rid of those cocker spaniels in your life”.  And so I did.  I tripled their cost to be groomed. Since some of these thoroughly matted to the bone  dogs, got shaved bald ( yes, I said bald) once a year, there owners didn’t seem to care.  So in my head I was getting paid handsomely for my aggravation. 


But as I said, you can apply this philosophy to many things.  If something is constantly irritating you, like a particular person, job, or a plant that won’t bloom (inside joke) and it’s making you old before your time, ELIMINATE IT, you’ll feel better in the long run.