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What not to say to a “Dog Rescuer”

I think Cindi Wigston, a volunteer at Carter’s Forever Rescue & Sanctuary would like this self-described poster.

I have now been around the world of dog rescuing people for a few years now.  They come from all walks of life.  Blue and white collar (the millennials don’t even know what that means), educated, street smart, wrong and right side of the tracks, city and rural types, but what do they all have in common?  Please do not say “their love of dogs”.


 If you ever want to tick off a dog rescuer, you say to them, “I don’t know how you do it, I love dogs just too much to do what you do”.  Nothing sets them off more than that!  People though love to proclaim their love of dogs.  I guess it comes what they think is in  their heart, and are well intended.  But remember folks, action speaks louder than words.  So what do they have in common?  One thread I have seen, is there determination in knowing the problems that they face will never go away.  



 They know the only thing that keeps them going, is the past dogs they have saved.  There will always be some dog, somewhere that needs help.  They know the human race and not all think like them.   They get over their anger at the injustice that they will face, for they know they have to.  If not, and their anger turns to frustration, which turns into not being able to continue, & they then know the dogs will be the ones to suffer.  So they are a resilient bunch. 


Remember, most have “real” jobs.  Something that is a necessity of life, but not their whole life.  Their passion is saving dogs from miserable lives and the injustices in the world.  So many injustices, that they cannot rationalize it, but only learn to cope with it.  The coping is to be strong.  Fix the problem at hand, and move onto the next. 


 When I get together with some of my dog rescuer friends, they vent to me in telling me their horror stories.  I guess that is my meager way of contribution, but even I become weak, and say “enough, I can’t take anymore”. For one of these unbelievable stories click here:  


 I see the inside on what some people do to dogs, and sometimes innocently.  I think the non-logic in intelligent people, is more frustrating  than the goof who just don’t know any better.  So where is this blog going?  What is the point?  The point is this.  I know of myself, that I could never have the dedication, resilience, and gumption these dog rescuers have. 


Knowing that of myself, I find that maybe it’s taking the easy way out, but I will “assist” them.  That is why I started this Foundation.  Did I take the easy road? Perhaps, but at least it’s something., cause “I Love Dogs”.  Ooops.  

EPILOGUE: An article that best describes this type of dedication & the heartache it brings, is explained by Cindi Wigston in: “Rescue–Not For The Faint of Heart”