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Why I love Judge Judy

Judge Judy knows her way around the dog world.  August 23, 2018, Season 22, Episode 240 was one of my favorites.  Did she ever make mincemeat out of both parties involved.  It was over a couple wanting their money back cause their “tea-cup MaltiPoo” grew too big.  Go figure.  As B.T.Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”.  And boy, is there a lot of them around when it comes to buying dogs.  As the poster boy for a puppy mill owner, the defendant said, these are “designer dogs, that is why they are so expensive”.  Like $2500 expensive.  Judge Judy corrected him and said they’re mutts.  (not that there is anything wrong with that). But really? To pay $2500, with a written contract saying there is no guarantee of their size?   She fired off questions to the seller, who in all honesty, was a broker of the pups. She asked for instance, how many puppies do you sell in a week, adding surely you must know because you have to pay taxes on this income.  I love when she routinely asks about income.  I am sure the IRS tapes her show for this reason.  Then she made the buyers look even stupider.  Showing they did not do their due diligence in having a little bit of intelligence when purchasing a dog.  I was hoping that everyone out there that buys one of these new expensive “designer” cross-breeds saw this show.  The sellers of these type dogs claim many things that a gullible rookie purchaser wants to hear.  Teacup size, non-allergenic, or my favorite, “ it has the best traits/personality of these two breeds”.  Give me a break. Needless to say, the naïve dog owners never got their money back. As Judge Judy often says, if you don’t do your due diligence, then it’s like buying a used car, you take your chances. 


Another episode that really went viral, is when she shows her archetypal type of judgement of proving who is the rightful owner of a dog.  Similar to the Judgement of Solomon, the dog decided.  Check it out here:


I must say though, she is pretty tough on the “pitbull” owners.  But I must admit, most often than not, these owners are not quite aware of the potential of trouble that follows these dogs.  Call them naïve,  but lets face it, even if their dog is attacked, you know who is going to come out looking bad.  Unfair? Certainly, so avoid trouble.  For instance, why have a spiked or prong collar on it? Why call it Rambo? And why isn’t it neutered?   You don’t think these stereotypical traits have anything to do with enhancing  the reputation these dogs have?  Judge Judy is fair and objective, but sometimes even she can’t help but be influenced by sterotypes.  She’s only human.



EEPILOGUE: Even though on her show she is constantly saying she doesn’t want to hear from all the Pitbull owners when she rules against them &/or lectures them on the special precautions of owning such breeds, I think she still is an advocate for responsible dog ownership. And the ones that aren’t, pay dearly, not only from their wallet, but through humiliation on TV. Gotta love it!

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