Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 11:

What’s the lowdown on chew toys?

Tim & Cindy’s discussions went long concerning pet insurance, dog trainers, microchipping which then led to a discussion about feral cats. That led to this episode pertaining to dog chews, the good, the bad and what has and hasn’t worked for each of them.


First though, Tim describes his vacation to Hawaii and how the culture there is very in tune with being environmentally aware. From free-roaming roosters/chickens & semi-feral cats keeping vermin down, what sunscreen not to wear in the water, to even not disturbing resting dolphins in a particular bay, who knew??


When he tells the story of tourists taking pictures with parrots, Cindy makes the non-connection that you can’t compare that with tourists taking pics with “dancing bears” or worse yet: tigers!

Here are pictures of some of the chewies that Cindy & Tim discuss:

Light and dark rawhide.

Kongs that come in variable ways

Rope chews

Pizzles-AKA Bully sticks – whatever they are labelling/marketing them as, they’re still bulls’ penises.

Dried animal parts- such as ears and hooves from various animals are marketed for chews for your dog.

And of course, nylabones, which led to Cindy’s story of hoping the 2022 movie below did not induce the Dalmatian Effect for Belgian Malinois. Read Cindy’s Blog on this phenomenon at:

Cindy tells the story how she found a babysitter due to letting her dog Lil (may she RIP), do exactly what this Dobie is doing and its disastrous outcome.


A reminder from Cindy. When something says “all natural” what does that really mean? Read her blog on marketing techniques that are constantly thrown at the public at:

Black Dog Rescue was the highlighted group that had received items to be auctioned for their fundraising events.

To read about them click here:


This led to the discussion of 2 topics Cindy writes about in her blogs:

Black Dog Syndrome:


The Dalmatian Effect:


To read about some of the rescue groups that Cindy mentions in this episode that Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation has supported click onto these links:

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