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Prairie PitBull Rescue

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Tater, rejected in Ontario, embraced in Alberta.

1 of 3 PitBulls rescued from the Kitchener/Waterloo Humane Society. For a more detailed story line about these dogs, and Cindy Cherry’s direct involvement with one and her becoming a flight volunteer click here:


This group came on our radar when we were contacted by a Kitchener/Waterloo Humane Society dog walker volunteer. She told us a story of 3 Pitbulls that were having a hard time being placed.  Through no fault of their own, being a “Pitbull” in Ontario is pretty close to a death sentence according to its laws. Click here for our view of this Breed Specific Legislation. https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/pitbull-propaganda/


We then reached out to this Western Canada Group that we knew took in PitBulls. Without hesitation, and not knowing that this Foundation would give a donation for this dog’s room and board, plus its flight would also be paid for, they agreed. 


This Alberta group is  completely volunteer-based and relies heavily on foster care and donations. They do not have a shelter for their rescued PitBulls, so they are limited in the number they can save at a given time, so we were very lucky to get one in their care.

Their potential adopters are carefully screened to ensure that the dogs are placed in their forever home, forever. And of course as with all reputable organization all adoptees are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped.


 Their FAQ is one of the best to be read. The questions are basic, but their answers aren’t.  Such as, “Are all the dogs good with kids?” ( Ans: We don’t know your kids, and then they go on to explaining how that question is a bit too simplified). Or how old is the dog? (It’s a rescue. Then they explain the parameters of determining a dog’s age, and should age be a factor in judging an adoptable dog?)


Here is a question we would like to ask: Why don’t you put your dogs in pinch, spiked, & thick macho collars, like so many “breeders”& buyers, of these type of dogs do? Reason we ask, is that it’s funny, you very rarely see any rescued PitBulls in these types of collars! What’s DCPRF’s view of these collars? Click here:


Rescues groups such as these that deal with primarily with the Bully Breeds, have a real challenge on their hands.  More so then other all-breed rescues.  The stereotypes of this breed is haunting, the liability is always there, plus the screening of potential adopters is tireless due to people wanting them for the wrong reasons.  Just look up what a “bait dog” is. Plus you have to develop a thick skin to take the public’s abuse in saving them.  We here at DCPRF get nasty messages about our support of such a “dangerous breed” all the time:  For example:


Message Don: Another tragic horrific death by pitbull attack, this time an innocent 9 year old girl in Detroit. Please tell me why you continue to support ownership of these viscious animals???? You and other like you that make excuses for these dogs are the reason we continue to have people being maimed and killed. I can’t imagine the terror that girl went through as she was ripped apart by those 3 pitbulls. Your have a public presence and a duty to use it to help society, not make it more dangerous for the rest of us.


So…. with reading that,  please check out the work this wonderful organization does, and the dogs they have available for adoption at:




Illegal in Ontario.

Adopted by this lovely family.  You have to wonder what the parents say to the children if they ask, “why couldn’t Tater find a home in Ontario.