Cindy’s Pet Talk

I have had pets throughout my whole life. From dogs, to hamsters, budgies, gerbils, mice, rabbits, fish, turtles, guinea pigs all taught me one lesson or another. This led me to going to college to become a Veterinarian Technician and learning the trade of dog grooming. This love of animals brought me to work at a zoo, racetracks, vet clinics, pet stores, kennels, plus starting my own Pet Rescue Foundation, all the while teaching me the good, the bad and the ugly regarding the animal world.


I found myself repeating a lot of my knowledge that I have grasped over the years to clients and friends. So, I went on the hunt to find a podcast that brings it all together in owning pets. I could find none, thus the purpose of this podcast. I want to get people to think before they jump into getting a pet and what it mean to “love animals”. At times I may sound “preachy” but believe me I have my own guilt about being a pet owner as a child and an adult. People make mistakes and I hope you learn and get enlightened about the rewarding and yet at times the heartache of pet ownership and loving animals to a fault.”

Episode 19:

The joys of our wild feathered friends

Cindy & Tim have some lively conversations about their love of wild birds. A 5-year Cindy is denied a pet bird by her father and see what happens. Life’s lessons are shared just by observing bird feeders, which leads to different types of feeders. Plus, the importance of heated bird baths in the winter and what not to offer as nesting material. Listen how the Foundation has assisted a bunch of dedicated animal lovers that drives rescued animals, destine for death, to rescue groups that will find them homes.  Freedom Drivers received numerous gas cards to ease the pain of the high cost of gas these days from  Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation.  

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Episode 18:


Cindy gives more insight to the world she knows so well and that is dog grooming. Learn how to have a healthy relationship with your groomer for the sake of your dog. Hints on how to groom your own dog and wasting your time if you have the wrong grooming equipment is reviewed.  

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Episode 17:

You, grooming your dog

Cindy gives dog owners some friendly advice about them grooming their own dog. These guidelines include using the correct brush, cutting your dog’s nails, cleaning ears and of course, bathing your dog. Cindy is partial to rescue groups that are geared toward saving senior dogs, which leads to the highlighted group in this episode, Love Those Seniors. Read about Coco’s saga, which proves, you don’t have to be intelligent to own a dog.

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Episode 16:

You & your groomer

Topics include: What you shouldn’t say to your groomer; How to make life easier on your groomer; What should your discussion with the groomer include. What can possibly go wrong at the groomer’s? Plus, Cindy’s shares some stories about some of her worst clients. The rescue group of choice in this episode is Animatch, out of Quebec.

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Episode 15:

Grooming 101 – Cindy’s Favorite Subject

Topics include: Types of grooming establishments; What you should ask & tell your groomer, and what not to do in their presence. Plus, some discussion on celebrity dogs she has groomed.

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Episode 14:


Rehashing the dog walking debate,  trainers have different styles, good and bad chew toys, plus  what about Black Dog & Dalmatian Syndrome?

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Episode 13:

Finding a good kennel and veterinarian

Vets and kennels are not all created equal. That’s why in this episode Cindy and Tim give a few pointers on what to look out for and the questions to ask. They share their own experiences dealing with both. A rescue group that specializes in adopting out the smaller breeds is discussed, which is Save Me Dog Rescue. 

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Episode 12:

Black Dog Syndrome and Dalmatian Syndrome, why do they exist?

Both Syndromes are analyzed & discussed, while trying to separate fact from fiction. Like…why are black dogs last to be adopted? Why you hope a breed you like never gets too popular and what happens if they do. Plus, being too popular not only effects dog breeds but other animals too. Listen to find out which ones. Second Hope Circle is the highlighted rescue group in this episode. Learn about the work they do in Ontario.

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Episode 11:

What’s the lowdown on chew toys?

Tim is back from Hawaii which leads to the discussion on being environmentally friendly & what touristy attractions are politically correct. Nylabones, kongs, rawhide, pizzles and other animal parts your pet can chew on are discussed, including Cindy’s favorite, Antlers.  Listen to this episode to find out why. The rescue group that was discussed, since the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation donated items for their fundraiser was Black Dog Rescue.

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Episode 10:


Discussions & questions, include, how to get funding from Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue. Casting for Don’s movie, Keep Your Head Up Kid. Tim’s non-concern for feral cats. What’s the difference between Animal Control Department in your City and Humane Societies. How Don Cherry enlightened Ron MacLean and Cindy’s good friend about living in the world of Billiken. Plus, the on-going debate on whether taking your dog for a walk is really exercise, did not sit well with some listeners.  

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Episode 9:

Dog Trainers, Pet Insurance & Microchipping

What are the qualifications to be a dog trainer and how do you pick one that is right for you? Or better yet, do you really need one if you’re the leader of “your pack”? Cindy & Tim discuss some of the fine print on those pet insurance polices. Plus, microchipping, is it worth the expense?  Corner Brook Scaredy Cat Rescue is highlighted which leads to the discussion of the never-ending feral cat problem in our cities.

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Episode 8:

Quebec’s proposed anti-animal cruelty laws are discussed

Quebec’s trying to be the first province to legally ban all non-essential cosmetic procedures on “companion” animals, much to Cindy’s delight. This leads to the discussion of the controversial practices of ear cropping, tail docking & cat de-clawing. Cindy is wishing Quebec, who is the biggest producers of Foie Gras in North America, would apply some of these cruelty laws to the poultry they torture making it.

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Episode 7:

Walks – Only Cindy & Tim can talk for 45 minutes about walking your dog.

In this episode Cindy & Tim talk about walking your dog and is it even considered exercise? Then they debate about what leashes are best and the controversy of types of collars.


From prong collars to martingales are discussed. Plus, Cindy’s puzzlement about harnesses, haltis, & booties.

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Episode 6:


Cindy & Tim discuss feedback regarding Housebreaking and Feeding your pet.


Social media doesn’t hold back. So, Cindy has to justify some of her comments, from stereotyping breeds to justifying working in a research facility. Plus, of course, a batch of new stories that will cause a stir, such as what type of person owns a Chihuahua & why she is a fan of Howard Stern.

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Episode 5:

More Thoughts on Pet Food
The discussions continue about pet food and Cindy feeding more than just pets. Learn how Alpo dog food landed Don Cherry in court. Plus, the Ontario Wildlife Rescue, which hosts, Cindy’s all-time favourite designed website is explored.

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Episode 4:

The Complicated World of Pet Food

So many options when feeding your pet, what are you to do? Some points to think about such as marketing 101 is your main obstacle in knowing what to believe, picky eaters, allergies and the categories of food. From wet, semi-moist, raw, prescription, “natural”, organic and what role does your vet play in all this are discussed.

Plus, we highlight the rescue group Promise Land Sanctuary located in Campbellford, Ontario.

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Episode 3:

Misconceptions of Don Cherry
Is Don Cherry a real macho type guy? Does he admire hunters? Love museums? Misogynist? What does he think of women in the dressing room? You’d be surprise! No swearing in front of women in his circle. Plus, what happens when he tells Ron MacLean to shut up? His dilemma concerning his canary not be able to travel and the life he then chose for it. Cindy & Tim discuss the Don Cherry nobody knows.

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Episode 2:

Don Cherry Visits the Podcast
Don tells of his early love of animals including his first dogs Topper & Dudgeon. Learn how Don made Dad of the Year giving Cindy her first puppy. Of course, what discussion about dogs would not be complete without Don sharing his favourite stories about his beloved Bull Terrier Blue. From why she is named Blue to her courage when facing 2 vicious Great Danes.

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Episode 1:

Inaugural Podcast – Informative, entertaining & hopefully fun to listen to.

In their inaugural podcast Tim and his sister Cindy first introduce themselves to the listeners. With Cindy describing some of her past experiences in the animal world, which will be discussed in detail in future episodes. However, their first topic will be discussing housebreaking, feeding and training your puppy. Plus, how in most episodes, a rescue group that the Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation has donated to will be highlighted. In this case Tyson & Friends is the featured organization. Don’t forget to check out Cindy’s review and entertaining article about each episode, with additional stories, pictures and informative links, such as to her blogs.

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