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Flying Dogs Canada

Don Cereza (Cherry) a Mexican rescue that owes his life to flying Dogs Canada!

Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation is fortunate in that we can be very flexible in how we distribute money  that is generously donated to us. This is because we are not a registered CRA charity, but a registered non-for-profit organization. To most people it is very confusing the difference this would make.


The most significant difference between the two is that a registered charity can distribute charitable income tax receipts. This is our #1 question on our FAQ page and discussed more thoroughly on our website: https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/frequent-questions/


Some would ask, why wouldn’t we want to give these receipts to our donors? Wouldn’t it entice people to donate to us more? Two very valid common questions.  One that Don Cherry asks about twice a year.


The government has very stringent “rules” about how “grant” money is distributed by groups who qualify to be charities that give out tax receipts, and who can blame them.   These income tax receipts are like money and the abuse on their distribution is immense.  Therefore, we chose to be more flexible in who receives our money, and do not have CRA registered charity status. Plus, to give a grant to a group that isn’t a registered charity is difficult if you have charitable status yourself.   Therefore,  great causes  may be over looked because of these strict guidelines. That’s where we come in. We have a wide network of people throughout Canada that we can call on to “vet” groups to see if they are legit.


So, you see, we can give money to groups that have no official status, by subsidizing vet invoices, gas money, and in the case of Flying Dogs Canada, cargo fees.


This organization co-ordinates people (mostly traveling to & from Mexico) that can be a “flight volunteer.” These travelers commit their cargo as being dogs that need a way to Canada to be adopted. That way the cost of shipment is more reasonable then directly shipping them to their new destinations.   Cindy Cherry, President of DCPRF had such an experience when she flew from Ontario to Alberta, bringing along a banned pitbull, named Carrie, as part of her “luggage”. Read more at:   https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/happy-tails/carries-story/

Then of course coming home, she also brought home another rescue, Hazel  to find her forever home in Toronto. Check out her story at: https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/happy-tails/poppy/


So, when you donate to us and perhaps wonder why you don’t receive a tax right-off think of the people we assist that are normally over-looked for the great work they do.


Our efforts make it all worthwhile when we receive such a warmly put thank-you such as this:

Dear Don, Cindy and Carla,


Thankyou so much, on behalf of Flying Dogs Canada, for this amazing donation from Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation.

I would not be exaggerating to say that myself and the other volunteers are absolutely blown away with shock and delight to be noticed by your foundation and moreover to get the help needed to largely offset a significant chunk of the costs for helping the dogs this week. We could not thank you all enough for what you have done for our dogs.


Thus sort of thing happening to a grassroots tiny Canadian based rescue is like winning the lotto!


Warmest gratitude for the generosity of your foundation


Sara Antwis

Flying Dogs Canada


Shortly after our donation was received they rescued this emaciated ChihuahuaX and this was posted on their Facebook page!

Don Cerezahas found a monthly sponsor family to take care of his monthly needs: Annick and Marcel of Parksville,BC are sponsoring this lucky little chap, named to honour Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation who this last week helped support 7 Mexican rescue dogs to come to Canada


The next time you go on a vacation, remember: there will always be a dog needing a way back to Canada to find a home.