Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 8:

Quebec’s proposed anti-animal cruelty laws are discussed

In this episode Cindy is delighted that Quebec will be the first province to legally ban all non-essential cosmetic procedures on companion animals by the summer of 2022. (hopefully)


This will include: Ear Cropping


Read Cindy’s blog about these controversial procedures at:

Tail Docking

If you listened to the podcast, you can see how Cindy could relate to these pictures.

…Oh….& remember, dogs aren’t the only animal that get their tails cut off, maybe that is why the Quebec law will specify “companion” animals.

FYI: This breed meets all the requirements of docked tail/crop eared aficionados without the “fuss”.

Cat Declawing

Read Cindy’s Blog about this all-too-common practice at:

Though this vet is in the U.S., here is the low down of Vet Associations’ stand on these cosmetic procedures:  

The Canadian Veterinary Medical Association says this practice causes unnecessary & avoidable pain & it opposes the alteration of any animal by surgical or invasive methods for cosmetic or competitive purposes.  


It’s the Provincial Veterinary Associations of British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, Sask, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, NF, & Labrador that have taken the stand (meaning forbidden their constituents to perform) declawing, docking & cropping.  


Unfortunately, the most populated province, Ontario, is still in the dark ages about docking and cropping & the only hope for cats to keep their claws in Ontario is Teddy’s Law, Bill 240. Click here to sign a petition to call on the Legislative Assembly to pass this as Law.



In the podcast Cindy mentions her friend’s rationalization in favor of declawing over a glass of wine, it didn’t go this way:

Different party: Cindy’s other friends tell her the reason there are so many dogs in rescues is that “people now know there are so many groups out there that take dogs & cats in & finds them new homes….  there is no reluctance to give them up!” 


…and in her closing comments Cindy wishes that if we could only get Quebec to quit producing Foie Gras (“fat liver” in English), since they are the largest producers in North America.

For those of you that have enjoyed this expensive pate or even wonder what it is when you see it on your menu, here is the reality of it: 


This rich flavored delicacy is made from duck or goose (males only) liver that has become abnormally enlarged from a disease called hepatic steatosis.  The liver becomes this way due to it being forced fed by a procedure called “gavage”. A long metal tube is forced down the bird’s throat & its forced fed. Their livers then swell up to 10 times their natural size & this can be done multiple times in a day. 

Banned in Czech Republic, Finland, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Luxembourg, India and of course the U. K.  And: California and the city of New York.


It’s protected by French Law that states it, “belongs to the protected cultural & gastronomical heritage of France”.

But remember it’s basically made from diseased liver & let’s make it politically incorrect to eat it as most have done for veal.

Read more how political correctness helps the animal word in Cindy’s blog:

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