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Crop ‘N Dock

Here is my story on why I prefer dogs that have naturally no tails, like a Bulldogs & Bostons, and the ones whose ears stand up on their own such as Bull Terriers, Frenchies, or Corgis. No instant man-made version of what people do to them to make them look stylish. Sure, I get it, I do think Dobermans, Great Danes or Boxers, look better with their ears standing erect. So majestic and regal. But…. If you ever had to witness what they go through to get them like that, you may not want to get those ears cut up. I have to go back to the summer of 1976. Now, you have to remember that in the 70’s, the vogue dog was Dobermans. If your dog had any black and tan markings on it, by golly, just cut off its dewclaws and tail, and slice its ear to a point, and voila, you got yourself a poor man’s Doberman. I worked at a vet clinic, and for a couple of weeks I had no place to live, so the vets offered an apartment they had above the surgery recover room. It was only for a couple weeks, it was free, plus they said I could assist in the surgeries. How great is all that?


My assisting meant I handed the vets the tampons to put in the inside part of the earflap, and then the cardboard tongue depressors on the outside to erect the sliced ear. They’d then stitch the outer part of the ear to stop the bleeding, and then tape it all up. Just like the pictures. They also, strung a suspended piece of tape or string as a bridge between the 2 ears to give it stability and help the ears stay erect while healing. Makes sense? Ohhh.. but wait. If those dogs have a violent time coming out of anesthesia with their paws flailing all over the place, and catch the bridge? Look out. Plus I had to sleep through the night listening to these dogs coming out of anesthetic, howling in pain. Lovely way to fall asleep.



But it gets better:  I forgot to tell you I was also the kennel cleaner.  Nothing is bloodier and messier, then a cage with a dog that has pulled apart its bandages from ear cropping. Dried blood is a bitch to clean.   Ohhh., I also forgot to mention during office hours I assisted in docking 3-day-old black and tan puppies’ tails.  Now there is an experience.  I hold the pup, (no anesthesia), while the vet applied hemostatic clamps on the tail, and twist.  The flexible cartilage stretches and can be easily pulled off, the skin stretches over the semi-bone and covers the end.  No stitches required.  It’s over in 10 seconds.  But I have to endure it for a whole litter of 8 pups.  I am trenched in sweat, and weak in the knees.  The horror of it all.  Best part, if you can call it that.  I am about to throw away the 8 puppys’ tails in the steel tray, and the Doc said put them in the fridge.  (same fridge where we all kept our lunches).   Afterwards I asked the other more seasoned assistants, why would he save them, and they all laughed.  “He goes fishing with them!” Just another day at the office.


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