Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 16:

You & your groomer

This episode was a continuation of Cindy & Tim talking about taking your dog to its stylist.


Some Topics of Discussion:


What not to tell your groomer: “his coat is in great condition” to “I brush him every day”, knowing you don’t!


How to make life easier on your groomer: pick one: collar/harness/halti to leave the dog’s coat in the car


What should the groomer discuss with you: your expectations to you need the dog finished by a certain time

Cindy mentions Judge Judy, in the fact that when a groomer is being blamed for an ailment that may have been caused by the grooming, afraid the Groomer doesn’t stand much of a chance.

This very scenario happened to Cindy. Read all about it at: 


Dog groomers stand about as much as a chance as Pitbull owners in Judge Judy’s court.

In spite of these facts, Cindy still writes in her blog much admiration for the Judge. Click here to read it:

Alot can go wrong when you take your dog into be groomed. So maybe you shouldn’t look for a bargain. Take note:

Caption: There is no excuse for clipper burn (when the shaving blade gets too hot) such as the sores that these dogs are suffering from.

Cindy tells some of her best grooming sagas:

Mrs. Pearce vs Mrs. Pierce

“OK, so you want your change”

How to empty the Collin’s Bay Penitentiary (Kingston’s Disney inspired jail)

. . . & some clients are just “Karens” …a term that Cindy herself has been accused of being, but denies, claiming she is her mother with a R.B.F.

Too much? I think it’s hilarious & so apropos for the service industry

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