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Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Hopefully you can tell by our Website that we donate to organizations right across Canada.  Don Cherry’s Pet Rescue Foundation did our  due diligence  researching  notable groups in Quebec and Animatch kept coming up from all of  our sources.  This organization is an all-inclusive Canine Adoption Center. This extensive intimate facility has a limit of 15 adoptees at one time.  When the dogs come there they are confused, stressed, sometimes undernourished, and in need of medical attention. The dedicated volunteers at Animatch make these dogs’ transition to a “regular” environment, as smooth and as soon  as possible, so they can then be placed in permanent, understanding and loving homes. It takes special  people to immerse themselves in taking on such trying tasks.  The true test of “loving dogs”.


On that  note, I will tell you about a thought process that was brought to my attention at a cocktail party.   My father once said to me, when an organization wanted to “honor” him for something he did for a charity, that his philosophy on this  was, “ if you have to brag about it, it ain’t charity.”   I have tried to live  by this, though it’s a double edge sword.  I, Cindy Cherry am torn between  spreading the word via his popularity and identifiability to gain awareness that leads to assisting rescue groups vs ‘bragging”.  It’s a fine line for sure.  But I digress. When someone at this  party I was at, asked me about the Foundation, I gave a short and sweet answer.  Whereas this very intelligent, dog loving person says, “ the reason there are so many unwanted dogs out there, is people now know if they want to get rid of their dog, there is always a rescue group out there willing to take it.” I was dumb struck.   How does one combat that logic?   I shook my head and walked away, and had another glass of her wine.  So on that note, unfortunately there will be always be too many dogs for the amount of homes to house them.  So  when someone says they tried to adopt a small dog and all they could find were big ones, tell them to try www.animatch.ca from what I see, they have dogs of all sizes looking for their “forever home”.


So if you’re confused by all the rescue groups out there, and want to make sure your money goes to legitimate organizations, donate to us.  We check and recheck the viability, accountability, and reputations of all the places we give money to.