Cindy’s Pet Talk

Episode 7:

Walks-Only Cindy & Tim can talk for 45 minutes about walking your dog.

In this episode Cindy & Tim talk about walking your dog & what comes with that, with a debate about what leashes are best and the controversy of types of collars. Plus, Cindy’s puzzlement about harnesses, haltis, & booties.


There is no end to the experiences of taking Tim & Cindy’s dogs for a walk, so much so she does a whole blog about it at:


Does what kind of device you use on your dog when going out, reflect on you?

Cindy’s favorite collar, the Martingale- a combination of choke chain & regular collar.

Cindy’s least favorite collar: The prong or pinch collar:

Here’s why:

But of course, you’ll always find advocates for everything

On March 1st 2017, the City of Toronto Municipal code Chapter 349 by law 102-2017 have made amendments to provide new regulations for the care and control of dangerous dogs to protect the public. As part of the update the city banned the use of prong collars, choke collars and choke chains.

It states:

  1. No person shall use a choke collar, choke chain, pronged collar or any similar device at any time on a dog.
  2. Subsection A does not apply to the use of a martingale collar on a dog

Read more at:

….and for those that can’t make up their minds when trying to be discreet on their political correctness. For more views on Cindy’s P.C. thoughts, click here:

Joe Public is asking? “Collar or muzzle?” (again, as Tim pointed out, it always seems to be a Retriever, usually a Golden wearing & advertising them)

What do you think she’s thinking?

Though Cindy expresses her distain for harnesses in 2022, imagine when she saw her design on Fox News, USA Today, CBS, NBC, rated #1 Winter Jacket in the U.S.  


A vision she presented to a CDN manufacturer at least 5 years prior & they didn’t see the point. Oh, well.  


Check out Cindy in the 80’s promoting dog coats & harnesses on City TV’s City Line with Dini Petty.

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