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A Walk in the Park? Not

I am driving over to my son’s place to walk his rescue dog Red.  Click here for Red’s story. I see this millennial couple walking their black cocker spaniel off leash down the road.  I take note to oneself.  Avoid this lulu lemon-wearing cutie, drinking her Starbucks coffee, with her mental masturbating texting boyfriend.  Don’t get me wrong, no one loves their grande/ half-sweet vanilla/ skinny/low foam/extra hot latte and stretch yoga pants more than me, but these two were the poster couple.  The texting while walking your dog? Really? Are you that in demand? I don’t think so. (Sorry, I digress) but I knew they were trouble.


Sure enough in the park, I turn a corner and bam I walk right into them.  Their cocker bounding over to Red, who is an x-street dog, who comes by it honestly in not being fond of other dogs.  I ignore them, as any smart dog owner knows to do, when they just want to avoid trouble.  She says a sweet hi, with no apologizes about their dog being off leash. With my non- reciprocation, she feels slighted.   Then I walk around the block, and there they are again.  She waves to me and snidely yells, “Smile”.  As I walk pass them I turn back to look at them and he also turns, so I blow him a kiss.  He know she was being a bitch, and all I could say to myself, well at least I don’t have to live with it.


So what is my point?  Remember folks, not all dogs get along with other dogs.  If I had put one ounce of pressure on Red’s leash, he would have known, something is up, and reacted.  Because I didn’t react about the loose dog, neither did he.  Personally, I think they had a shock collar on the dog.  That means they can have a dog walk off leash, and if it goes beyond a certain perimeter from them it gets zapped.  What people like about this, is that it gives the perception you are a great in control dog owner, and have great discipline over your dog.  Disgusting isn’t it?


I can take this one-step further.  When people ask, as they should, is your dog friendly? Or can my child pet your dog?  I just say no.  They look at me in horror.  It’s not that he is mean, dangerous, ect. it means I just want to avoid trouble.  If I say yes, to the parent, and the kid wraps its arm around my dog.  Yikes!  So please don’t be defensive or horrified when you get an answer from another dog owner, that you weren’t expecting. They just want to avoid problems.   Something that a lot of dog owners should heed, and not think that their Fluffy,  wouldn’t hurt a flea.  It’s those dogs, because of their rose color glass-wearing owners that bite first.  Ask any groomer or vet.