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The Animal Assistance Group (TAAG)

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

The Animal Assistance Group (TAAG) was founded in 1991 by a group of women who had a deeply rooted desire to help animals in need. For many years, close friends Marg Macreath, Gladys Bennett, Betty Breed, Eleanor Dunn and Christa Dilanzo, worked tirelessly to find alternatives to the high cost of spay and neuter services. Their work and dedication then created this CRA registered foundation of what is now known as TAAG. 


As with most rescue groups they know the value of educating the public concerning animal welfare, so they put together these resources with links that address many issues involving pets.


What is Animal Cruelty?

Animal cruelty generally falls into one of three categories: neglect, intentional cruelty or sexual abuse.

The Paw Project

THE Paw Project’s mission is to educate the public about the painful and crippling effects of cat declawing, to promote animal welfare through the abolition of the practice of declaw surgery, and to rehabilitate cats that have been declawed.

Read Cindy Cherry’s Blog on this very issue: https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/declawing/

Bringing Home a New Cat or Kitten

Whether you’re bringing home your first, second or fifth cat, it’s extremely important to prepare ahead of time.

How to Find a Lost Cat or Dog

Losing a dog or a cat is like losing a member of the family, and that’s scary. If your cat or dog is missing, this guide will help you get your furry friend home safe and sound, as quickly as possible.

Black Cat Stereotypes

Black cats are not portents of ill fortune. Black cats are not evil. Black cats are normal felines, who express specific genetic variants that result in super-dark-brown fur. Same applies to dogs, reads Cindy’s blog on Black Dog Syndrome at: https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/black-dog-syndrome/

Five Ridiculous Myths About Shelter Animals

Although the information in this article is based on US research, the content is relevant beyond its country’s borders.

Aggression Between Family Cats and Feline Social Behavior

It’s impossible to estimate how well any particular pair or group of cats will ultimately tolerate each other. However, many aggressive problems between cats can be successfully resolved.

Destructive Scratches

Because scratching is a normal behavior, and one that cats are highly motivated to display, it’s unrealistic to try to prevent them from scratching. Instead, the goal in resolving scratching problems is to redirect the scratching onto acceptable objects.


Can FIV+ Cats Live With Other Cats? 

The study in the Veterinary Journal shows FIV is difficult to transmit. How many cats’ lives have been lost because people believed the opposite?

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