Cindy Cherry – President

Cindy inherited her love of animals from her Dad. Mice, hamsters, rabbits, budgie birds, guinea pigs, canaries, fish, and of course, dogs where part of her life. Her most famous pet, Blue the Bull Terrier, is seen on the opening of Coach’s Corner chasing the garden hose in Boston, and on the Logo for this Foundation.


Knowing her calling was in the pet industry, she graduated from St. Lawrence College in Kingston, Ontario to become an Animal Care Technician. Her veterinarian assistant experience ranged from clinics, to racetracks and zoos. She became a professional dog groomer and started Canada’s first mobile dog grooming service, “Cherry’s Groomobile”.


Being involved in numerous charities throughout the years, she considers her biggest accomplishment (to date) was establishing Rose Cherry’s Home for Kids. This facility in Milton, Ontario, administers palliative and respite care to chronically ill children. She is presently working for the Kidney Foundation of Canada as their Fund Development & Marketing Associate. This organization is close to her heart since donating a kidney to her brother in 1979.


When a rescue dog named Lucy came into her life, she knew her real destiny in life was to develop a Foundation to help unwanted pets that have been abused and discarded in our disposable society of today.


She asks you to become part of the solution and part of her extended family in supporting her cause.


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