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Save A Friend Dog Rescue

This group of volunteers, that we assisted with funds, concentrates their sterilization clinics in Colombia. Some dogs they do fly back to Canada to find homes, plus they assist dogs in the Toronto area.

However, sometimes the work these groups do is best explained in pictures. It brings you face to face with reality in the challenges they have when dealing with people that marginalize the life of dogs and cats.

Street dogs who they sometimes help feed in the small community of Soacha, just outside of the capital of Columbia, Bogota.

Street dogs and cats in Soacha, that won’t have a chance to come to Canada. The best they can do for them is feed them, sterilize them and continue to educate the community on responsible pet ownership and the importance of sterilization.

All 3 of these animals were sent to Ralph’s Retreat Animal Sanctuary which this Foundation has also contributed to. Read about this haven for abandoned & neglected farm animals in Wyebridge, Ontario at

Toby is a 2-3 year old “schnoodle” who has been waiting in foster care for over a year. He is very calm and friendly.  He is also the by-product of a backyard breeder and people in Colombia who purchase these animals as impulse gifts and then abandon them when they don’t want to continue caring for the animals’ needs. 

Sully is a 2-year-old poodle/bichon frise mix who came from a backyard breeder and was dumped on the streets near Soacha where he was found and fostered for around 1 year before arriving to Toronto in May 2021.  He has the most wonderful and quirky temperament and was adopted by this incredible family in early July 2021.  They have an existing dog who looks just like Sully and both get along great!

This is Snoopy! He is from Soacha and was seen by people being abandoned by his owners in a pile of garbage where he spent 3 days growling and running from their volunteers who tried to help him. He was eventually secured and brought into foster care before being flown to Toronto and adopted by THE most amazing family.  He can still be a bit grumpy with new people but is living his best life.