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Ralphy’s Retreat Animal Sanctuary

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

This Sanctuary is more than  a safe haven for abused, abandoned, and neglected pot-belly pigs, cats, dogs, and farm animals. It also offers humane education programs such as:


-Hope Reins:  which aids in grief recover for all ages
-Camp Kindness: were 7-12 yr. olds learn compassion, responsibility , respect & care for animals


They also offer an anthrozoological experiences ( which shows the interaction between humans & animals). These workshops include:


– “Discover your Inner Vision”: asking if you are ready to live your dreams & journey with the herd & set your spirit free.

– “Dancing in the Moment”: asking if you are looking for inner-serenity in a non-stop world, and ready to embrace life with the intentions of joy. If so., let the herd help you find the rhythm of your dance with life.

– “Horse Medicine”: An awareness workshop to achieve clarity of the heart, expand your awareness, focus your attention, and feel the promise of your own potential.

– “Authentic Discovery”: Get to know who you are on the inside and learn to listen to your authentic voice.


…and here you thought it was only about saving little pigs. 


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