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Promise Land Sanctuary

Monetary Donation | Article by: Cindy Cherry

Since opening their gates in 2017, they have saved the lives of over 135 animals. Most of their rescues come from the surrounding community – folks who, for whatever reason, can no longer care for their animals. A few cases also came abandoned, neglected and abused and needed extra care and medical attention – like our horses Red, Annie, Khaleesi and Rhaegal (see their pictures’ & stories’ below), who were bound for slaughter. Currently, there are 83 animals who call Promised Land home. They are also very active in the community; helping to spay/neuter feral cats in the area, rescue and rehome neglected cases of potbelly pigs and other animals in need.


Below are just a few of the stories of the animals they have saved. To read more heartwarming stories of rescue click here: https://www.promisedlandsanctuary.org/meet-our-family

When he was first born, Pip was left out in the field by his herd. The farmer picked him up and handed him to a 13 year-old girl saying: “Here you go, he’s yours”.


Two years later, after being bottle-raised and loved by this girl, Pippin was separated to be shipped for meat with the rest of the males. Desperate to save him, the young girl and her mom took him home in their van and put him in their garage, while they scrambled to find a local sanctuary to take him.


Thank goodness there is an alternative for animals destined for slaughter and that is why this Foundation leans toward supporting such lifesaving groups.

Annie (left) came with Red, as his companion horse. At 22, she had a long “pampered” life of being a show pony and was then literally put out to pasture and forgotten. (please read Cindy’s Blog about horse-loving people at https://www.doncherryspetrescue.org/horse-meat/ ) Annie is super intelligent and understands pretty much everything that is asked of her. She is wonderful with children and people who have zero to little experience with horses. She fit easily into the herd and now explores over ten acres of pasture with her buddy Red and the rest of the herd.
Red, Annie’s buddy, had a promising career as a reining horse in Texas, until a trailering accident at the age of 9 years left him permanently lame. After a while, the owner who was boarding him at an Ontario farm stopped paying board and stopped coming around altogether. Red’s future looked pretty bleak until a lucky Facebook post brought him to Promised Land. Red adores being fawned over. If he could crawl into your lap and curl up, he would! He now enjoys long grooming sessions and deep tissue massages, as well as the company of all mares who adore him!
Khaleesi and Rhaegal both came to the Sanctuary together when their owners both passed away suddenly, and they were left to fend for themselves.
The 3 “Minnies”. Hummer, the Miniature Donkey came to this sanctuary in 2020 along with his buds Wally (on the right) & Polly (Left) when their owner could no longer look after this trio. Thank goodness people have alternatives to place their animals in a Promise Land.
This 150 lb (don’t know what that is in kilograms) is a St. Bernard/Great Pyrenees cross and came from a family who downsized and found that their new home was not a good fit for this pup, who needs a lot of space to run and loves to be outdoors. Noah loves his new digs and all his new barn friends. He has naturally taken on the role of guardian and protector of his realm.
Every group receiving a grant, gets a handwritten note from our President Cindy Cherry. So, it was a pleasant surprise to receive this thank-you note below written by their Founder, Kat Krylov.